Google Fortune-Telling: Worth It?


So very recently, Google Inc. launched a new initiative namely “Google Fortune-telling.” A lot of people actually know about it by now, but if you don’t, then I think you should.
It a lot sounds like a fortune-teller that will allow you to learn about your future prospects, however, that’s how Google played with us and quite very well.

So I am dropping this link for you, so you can also predict your future just like I did:
You are curious now, aren’t you? That’s how I was when I got to learn about it. Now let me break it for you, it won’t predict your future, because nobody can do that, not even this world’s most used search-engine, but I promise it will educate you.
Once you press the “Predict my future” button, it will allow you to broaden your horizons and empathize for those refugees who won’t have a clue about their future at all. It further states, there are around 60 million refugees that have no idea what their future lies. Then how can we predict a future for you?

This was smart approach launched by Google in order to create awareness about the way you can donate to these refugees. Even if you can’t pay some cash, I urge you to donate some love by sharing the initiative.

Also, it provides some authentic links to local initiatives and charitable organizations you send your payments to. Then, what are you waiting for? I believe Google made it quite easy for people who wants to donate, yet don’t know any reliable organizations.

You know, there is one thing I know about Pakistanis that they are very humanitarian by heart. We love to help the people in need, and none other than, Edhi Sahab is our biggest role model. Before you wonder more, go to the Google-fortune telling link I provided and DONATE YOUR TIME, MONEY OR LOVE TO THESE REFUGEES!
This is the only way we can keep up with the Edhi legacy.

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