Google is to Introduce “Instant Replies” Feature


Google always tries to facilitate its users by introducing new features in all partner apps. Now Google is working on the feature instant replies which we can also call the one tap reply in all messaging apps. This is the favorite feature in Gmail of almost all the users in which the user can replay by tapping on the contextually relevant massage. Google is now making experiments about this feature in the bunch of apps and will be brought to all the devices to make texting easier.

These instant messages will be related to the text user get on Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, hangouts and much more by tapping on the message. It will make texting easier while doing important work, driving or other stuff. There are other important features have planned by Google in which “Do Not Disturb” mode is included. When the user turns the phone on silence will not get any message unless critical message like we are waiting or there is an emergency. The user will get alert on critical messages even if the phone is on silent.

Another feature will be “Vacation Mode”, this feature will first check your calendar and then respond to the sender that you are on vacation or not available according to the calendar schedule you set. Here is the reply by Area 120 to the test, “You probably get a lot of chat messages. And you want to be there for people, but also for people in the real world. What if replying was literally one tap away? Reply puts the Smart Reply you may know from Google right into notifications from the chat apps you use most often. It looks like this.”

Google is trying g to facilitate the users by this tapping or instant messages to make their life easier. However, it not confirmed yet that when it will be officially announced by Google.  Meanwhile, Google needs the access on to the history of users to get to know that what type of conversation they made. Then they will design the three related replies options.

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