Grammarly Faces a Bug of Severe Security Issue

Grammarly has been used by over 22 Million people who help them in making their typing, documents, and data more accurate. This is the writing enhancement tool, it can be added as an extension on Google Chrome and Firefox to make the writing accurate. Millions of people are using this software on their laptops to check the errors before sending any e-mail or data. Grammarly recently faces a security-related bug which makes the other websites access on the personal data of users.

Any website the Grammarly user visited can get the access to the user’s data, documents, files, history, and logs easily. Users who type anywhere on Twitter, personal e-mail and on any social media platform can be accessed by the websites. In other words, this could create the disaster results of getting the data without permission.

The bug report said, “I’m calling this a high severity bug because it seems like a pretty severe violation of user expectations,” said Ormandy, because “users would not expect that visiting a website gives it permission to access documents or data they’ve typed into other websites.”

However, the good news is that Grammarly immediately responds to this news and released the update to remove the bug. They wrote, “The Grammarly Chrome extension (approx. ~22M users) exposes it’s auth tokens to all websites, therefore any website can log in to as you and access all your documents, history, logs, and all other data,” the company tweeted, “Thank you to @taviso and the team for finding and educating the community about the complexities of this bug. We will provide more updates soon.”

This was the rapid step by them but, who knows how much private data have already been stolen and exposed. Despite getting a rapid update, now the users will be conscious before using any extension.

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