Green Entertainment Released Teaser for Drama Serial Daurr

The first trailer for the drama serial Daurr has been released by Green Entertainment. The channel is nearing its launch, and it is ready to premier most of its drama serials on the 10th of July, which is just a couple of days away, and the audience cannot wait for the drama serials.

The new drama serial is based on the famous book Eye on the Prize by Safinah D. Elahi. The drama serial features a whole cast of amazing actors and actresses who already have a huge fan following all over the world. Plus, the trailer has drummed up the excitement for the drama serial even more.


Here is everything you need to know about the drama serial Daurr and what you can expect from it.

What is the Cast of the Drama Serial Daurr?

The cast of the drama serial looks to be fantastic and full of favorite actors and actresses who have a huge fan following all over the world. More cast names will be revealed soon, and it looks like they will be just as good as the leading actors.

  • Ushna Shah
  • Zhalay Sarhadi
  • Aamna Ilyas
  • Affan Waheed
  • Noreen Gulwani
  • Mehmood Aslam

Ushna Shah is playing the role of Shezray, Zhalay is playing the role of Manahil, and Aamna Ilyas is playing the role of Hina. Together they make up the three leading ladies of the drama serial. In a world where we can’t have it all, these women are prepared to do anything to ensure that they can.

But behind closed doors, there’s more to them than what meets the eye. Secrets, insecurities, and betrayals threaten to wreak havoc on their lives. Faced with these challenges, Shezray, Minahil, and Hina must maintain a calm exterior and keep their Eye on the Prize.

Who Wrote the Drama Serial?

The drama serial is written by Mohsin Ali. He is a multi-talented person who has worked in the industry as a writer for a long time. Previously he has written famous drama serials, which are, Ishqiya, Dunk, Gunah, Jub We Web, Meri Wife Kay Liye, and more.

Who Has Directed Daurr?

The drama serial is directed by Wajahat Rauf. He is one of the most celebrated directors, with many award nominations and accolades. He has recently directed some of the most critically acclaimed and fan-favorite drama serials, such as Raqs e Bismil, Damsa, Qaid, Yaar e Bewafa, Nikah, and more.

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Who Produced the Drama Serial?

The drama serial is produced by Multiverse Entertainment. A relatively new production house, Multiverse Entertainment is the main production house for Green TV. Their projects include Nauroz, Idiot, 101 Talaqain, 22 Qadam, Jeevan Nagar, Siyaah, Kabli Pulao, and more.

What is the Timing of the Drama Serial Daurr?

The drama serial aired on Green TV from 12th July every Wednesday at 9 PM. Its OST will also be released very soon.

Rabia Tanveer
Rabia Tanveer
Rabia Tanveer is a graduate from Kinnaird College for Women and holds a Bachelors in English Literature. She is a seasoned freelance writer with more than a decade of experience in multiple niches.
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