A Group of Hackers are Hacking WhatsApp Accounts

WhatsApp Accounts Are Being Hacked Through Fake Messages

Indeed, WhatsApp is a great messaging Application and it is estimated that a huge number of people are using this. But nowadays, Whatsapp is in trouble due to its security features and breaches. A month ago, India reported a huge number of security breaches and they have shut down it in some regions. Now, Pakistani people are becoming the victim because team f hackers are hacking the accounts of the users. In Karachi, the WhatsApp Accounts of the users are being hacked. WhatsApp Accounts

Federal Investigation Authority has received a huge number of complaints regarding this issue. A bunch of hackers is sending fake messages to the users and they are hacking the WhatsApp accounts of the users. The official report is issued on Tuesday and it elaborates the threat. WhatsApp Karachi users are getting worried by this action of hackers

How Are They Hacking Accounts?

  • They are sending fake messages to the WhatsApp users. They first attract the users by sending fake prize schemes.
  • After that, they asked the users to send the code to them that they have sent to the users.
  • If the user sends the code to them, they hack the account and all the data of the users are stolen by the hacker.
  • After that, they blackmail the users and ask them to send to send the money to them through mobile banking. They also said that if the user will not be sent the money to them, they will leak the WhatsApp data on a social media platform.

How To Tackle With This problem?

  • If you have become its victim, then you should keep these things in your mind.
  • Moreover, If you receive any message which offers prize bond scheme, then ignore it and delete the message immediately. Moreover, block the number and if necessary report to the FIA regarding this issue.
  • If you have contact with the hacker, then do not even send any money to them. Instead report to the FIA and inform them about this situation.
  • It is also advised t block the number immediately.

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