Haier Launches New Turbo Refrigerator In Pakistan


Haier has launched its new model of Refrigerator under the name of Turbo Series. The company has introduced 5 models which are equipped with all most demanded features. It has best storage capacity, advanced features, innovative design with new technology and high cooling performance.

The features of the Turbo Refrigerator are discussed below

Turbo Cooling

It provides even cooling inside refrigerator portion and keep things cool in 1.5 times quicker than others. Thick sides, with extra foaming, combined with super-efficient all round cooling throughout the compartment will keep food fresh for very long periods of time.

5 Way Cooling

In comparison with other refrigerators in market this Turbo Refrigerator has Fast cooling system with 5-side evaporator design to ensure faster cooling and stable performance. This feature enhances its cooling capability and keep the temperature well maintained that provides chilled compartment for the food.

Deep Cooling

Another astonishing feature with the five way Evaporator Design and high density foaming ,freezer compartment temperature can be easily pull down to -25℃. The temperature can be minimized this much low as per requirement for preserving the food. However this temperature is the lowest among other brands because -18 is found standard in market.

LED Light

Turbo Refrigerator are unlike traditional ones as it has LED lighting which uses less energy than conventional lighting also it is brighter and lasts longer.

Long Cooling Retention

Till 12 hours compartment temperature can remain cool so there is no issue of electricity. Due to high thick and high density foaming, long cooling retention can keep the ice in freezer compartment more than 12 hours.

Bigger Size Crisper

Now customers will be glad to see that they will have more space for vegetables and fruits. Turbo Refrigerator has spacious vegetable and fruit crisper with 2 times big space compared with competitors.

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