Time To Avail Business Opportunity Given By PTCL


Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is the biggest leading telecommunication company in Pakistan now offering business opportunity. PTCL is providing telephonic and Internet services nationwide and is the mainstay for the country’s telecommunication foundation regardless of the arrival of many other telecommunication corporation. PTCL offers fastest 4G LTE on existing 1900Mhz WLL frequency with the brand name of CharJi EVO connection is limited to USB Dongles, MiFi or Wingle at fastest speed of 36 Mbit/s.

PTCL Business Opportunity

PTCL is giving golden opportunity to begin your own business for sale of its services.The courteous and friendly staff will be trained to handle customers from varying backgrounds.
The PTCL business centre will be equipped with latest products and services that have been designed to facilitate customers and provide all the convenience under one roof.

Those people who wish to work with Pakistan’s largest telecommunication network should fulfill the requirements. Applicants are asked to be committed solely with PTCL thus not allowed to work with any other brand. They must have strong financial background and should possess Bachelor Degree in any subject. Moreover he should have experience of FMCG/GSM distribution earlier.


Those people who will get selected by PTCL will be responsible to work under the supervision of PTCL. As well as the team they will form for sales and distribution will also work on PTCL commands accordingly. For establishing a successful and well managed PTCL business centre the prime location in the city will have to be considered by them.

Required Documents

Documents required for applicant are as follows

  1. Completely filled application form
  2. CNIC /National Tax Number
  3. Company Registration/ incorporation certificate copy
  4. Bank Statement of Applicant (Six months ago)


Applications are asked to be submitted with non refundable 10,000 Rs fees before its deadline, 8th march 2017. Interested candidates can also follow up from PTCL website.

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