Hania Amir and Farhan Saeed to Cast in Drama Serial Jhooti

Hania Amir and Farhan Saeed are the two biggest names in the Showbiz industry who never miss a chance to entertain the audience. Farhan is ruling hearts as a singer for a long time. However, his acting skills were revealed when he did a project, Suno Chanda, that became one of the biggest blockbusters of all time.

On the other hand, Hania Amir is another megastar who other than her work, always remains in various controversies for one reason or another. Both as a couple were previously seen in a music video Piyaar Sufiyana in which people loved their chemistry.

If their chemistry has also touched your hearts and you wanted to see them together for so long, here is good news for you. Both are coming in a drama serial whose working title is ‘Jhooti.’ Now this is surely one exciting piece of news.

Hania Amir and Farhan Saeed

Cast of Drama Jhooti

Farhan who was previously seen in the drama serial Prem Galli will be the main lead while Hania who was previously seen in Dilruba will be the female lead. From the leads, we can surely expect this play to be a superhit.

The list didn’t stop here, as we have so many supporting characters that are equally talented and who would cherry on the top for this play. The list includes Zoya Nasir, Hira Khan, Osama Tahir, Samina Ahmed, Waseem Abbas, Angelina Malik, Sana Hamid, and a few more.

Now that’s what we call a star-studded cast. Isn’t it? Do you know that Hania and Farhan are also coming together in a web series Ruswayi that will be directed by Wajahat Rauf?

More Details

Apart from an amazing cast, the director of this serial Qasim Ali Murad is equally talented and has given various hits in the past. Qasim and Farhan are also working together as an actor and director in the upcoming movie ‘Tich button.’ Hence, we will be able to witness this duo once again. Both worked in Prem Gali too.

On the other hand, Saira Raza is the writer of this play. Saira’s current serial Neeli Zinda Hai is also on air these days. Furthermore, the director has ensured to deliver something unique and catchy other than normal stories.

After knowing this our hopes have really become high and we can’t wait to see the teasers of this play that will surely be on-air soon.

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