HEC Online Degree Attestation to be Launched

HEC is a very well-known institution which is performing its services since 1974. HEC has always worked hard for the development of the nation in the education sector. Moreover, it has also brought Pakistan’s education system to a whole new level. The level which can compete at the international level of education.


Anyhow, currently we are going to talk about the step taken by HEC which is really satisfactory and quite helpful to the students and the institutions. HEC has launched Online Degree Attestation Service. The main purpose of this service is to avoid the fake degree attesting institutions as well as con artists who have mastered the art of making fake degrees.

This new Online Degree Attesting service will not online attest the degrees but it will also verify if the degree is valid or not. The official statement reads:

“…to determine the equivalence and recognition of degrees, diplomas, and certificates awarded by Institutions within the country and abroad.”


For this purpose, HEC has finalized a software in association with NADRA. Nadra will provide the required information of the applicant to the system.

PQR (Pakistan Qualification Register)

Along with being linked to the Nadra, the system will also be connected to PQR database. This will help the system to verify if the applicant’s degree program is in the PQR database. If the academic credentials are present in the PQR database, then the system will give the positive response to a candidate. Otherwise, the candidate will not be able to get his/her degree(s) verified.

Expected Process to Work for Applicants

  • First of all the applicant has to upload relevant documents including Academic Credentials and Identity Documents.
  • The system will check the applicant’s information by contacting NADRA & PQR Database.
  • The controller of Examinations will have access to view the documents to assess their legitimacy.
  • The system will attest the documents and contact the applicant if the documents are authentic.
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