Rescue 1122 Launches Bike Service For Emergencies in Punjab

Whenever some mishap happens to the people of Punjab, the only Emergency Service they trust is Rescue 1122. It was established in 2006. Rescue 1122 deals with the emergencies either man-made disasters or natural calamities or any other emergency situation developed in the province. However, Rescue 1122 had provided with the best results up to now by saving millions of peoples in the various situations since its establishment. That is why it is the most popular Emergency Service among the people of Punjab.

Rescue 1122

Rescue 1122 Motorbike Service

In order to serve the people of Punjab, now Rescue 1122 is introducing Motorbike service. Motorbike service will join their fleet of mobile emergency units soon. This motorbike service is initially introduced in Lahore. Later on, it will be expanded to other cities of the province.

Rescue 1122

The main purpose of the motorbike service is to provide the services in those areas which are inaccessible via rescue vans & other rescue sources. Moreover, on the other hand, the motorbike service will also allow the rescue worker to save on the resources through bikes. Furthermore, the motorbikes will consume less fuel while getting to the affected area.

In other words, to send a rescue worker to the affected area via motorbike is more preferable. He would overview the situation by judging the priority levels and emergency cases. Therefore, he will respond to the headquarters for the next safety measures the unit should take according to the situation. This will save time, resources as well as the efforts which are absurd.

Rescue Muhafiz Program

Rescue 1122

Earlier this month, Rescue 1122 department launched a new program named as Rescue Muhafiz Program. The Rescue Muhafiz program was launched in accordance with the Punjab Emergency Service Act 2006. The motive of the program is to raise a special unit. That unit will respond to the emergencies faster, by taking care of the safety of the community.

Rescue Muhafiz Program is open for everyone. Any ordinary individual can join this program by simply registering himself/herself using Rescue Muhafiz Mobile Application.

You can download this app from Google Play store or on Apple iTunes App store

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