Decision about High Mobile Taxes – Today’s Hearing Update


Chief Justice Pakistan ask for Written Response on High Mobile Taxes – Today’s Hearing

A hearing about High Mobile Taxes held on Tuesday Morning dated 8th May 2018. The Chief Justice of Pakistan asked for the written response from Federal government and a federal board of high Mobile Taxes within one week. The court also asked to answer the mobile companies for service charges.

Last week, chief justice of Pakistan took Suo Motu Notice regarding the imposition of High Mobile Taxes from the cellular companies of Pakistan. The notice includes the question that why the companies charge 40% on the mobile load on 100 Rupees. The great CJP Saqib Nisar took the notice and asked the responsible persons to submit them on Tuesday.

Today’s Hearing about High Mobile Taxes:

In today’s hearing, the chief justice of Pakistan, Chaudhary Saqib Nisar in the collaboration of two other judges listen to the stance of responsible parties. The Atarni General describe that the 40% charges are divided into the following taxes ranges;

Sales tax: 19.5 Rupees

Holding Duty: 12.7 Rupees

Service Charges: 10 Rupees

The decision about Holding Charges:

The CJP asked; why the holding charges are taken by the people? Furthermore, he said that, when a person is not required to pay a holding tax, then why he is paying that? The CJP accused the finance minister about why he is taking holding charges from 14 crore consumers.

The Atari general said they don’t take holding charges from government and diplomats. In response, the CJP asked to submit the report of holding charges within a week. Remember, the holding charges are taken by the government and diplomats, not from consumers.

The decision about Service Charges:

Chief Justice asked; why the service charges are charged that much? The Atarni General said the mobile phone companies can answer this question. The court asked the mobile companies to submit the report while the comparison of services charges with other country service charges. So the companies like Zong, Telenor, Jazz, Ufone will have to answer this next week.

The decision about Sales Tax:

Chief justice asked; Why you are receiving sales taxes from consumers? CJP said “ is it legal to charges sales tax that much? Then the FBR said, “the federal government is receiving the sales charges”.  The CJP asked the federal governments to submit the report in next week.

Next Hearing:

The court decided to take the final decision after two weeks. But the responsible authorities such as federal government, mobile network companies and have to submit the reports within a week. The court also asked to submit the report of a comparison of mobile taxes against the taxes of other companies. Lest see what happened next but we should appreciate the effort of Legend Chief Justice of Pakistan. The Pakistani nation is hopeful that court will announce the good news soon.

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