How to file a Complaint in District Consumer Court in Pakistan

The procedure of Filing a Complaint in District Consumer Court in Pakistan

In 2007, the government of Pakistan established District Consumer Court in 11 districts for providing the justice to the consumers. The consumer can file a complaint when he/she find any inconsistency in the purchase products from shopkeepers, suppliers, online marketing and government institutes. Although the consumer courts are working in 11 districts of Pakistan, people from other districts can also file a complaint in nearby districts. Through the complaint, the courts resolve the conflicts between the seller and the buyersDistrict Consumer Court

Detail of Complaint in District consumer court:

Here is the complete information about when you can file a complaint and how you can file. If you are being trapped by any seller, then file a complaint today.

When you can file a complaint:

  • If the seller doesn’t accept the warranty or guarantee
  • When the seller delivers the poor quality product
  • The seller takes the payment but doesn’t deliver the product
  • Overcharging of the product by the seller
  • The important and partial important detail is missing from the invoice or receipt
  • Date of expiry and manufacturing is not mentioned
  • Ingredients used in the products are not mentioned
  • The price list not shown on sale point
  • If someone advertises false or fraudulent things

The procedure of complaint in District consumer court:

The procedure of filing a complaint is certainly easy. No lawyer and fee are required for registering a complaint.

  • First of all, write the complaint on a plain paper pertaining 15 Days’ notice
  • Secondly, send the application through registered post to the accusing person
  • After that, if they won’t respond to the notice sent by you and don’t solve your issue. Then you are allowed to take a further step.
  • Now, write a complaint by yourself or by your lawyer before 15 days in consumer court
  • Furthermore, attach the copy of CNIC, receipt, and proofs (if you have) with the legal notice
  • Lastly, submit the application along with the above-described documents and wait for the orders of the court.

Outcomes of the Complaint file:

The judges will investigate the things for few weeks. After that, they will announce the decision. If they found the seller the violator, they charge them with a fine of Rupees 100,000 or punishment of 2 years or both in some cases.

  • You don’t have to pay even a single penny. It’s totally free of cost.
  • No need of hiring a lawyer. You can file a complaint solely
  • The Decision will be announced in less time

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