Himalayan Chef Grocery Shopping In Pakistan Invests Millions for Sustainable Eco-Friendly Packaging

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The Year 2022: Himalayan Chef Grocery Shopping in Pakistan– a global leader in Flavor and Taste. Also for its Hallmark 100% Naturally Pure Food Products.Spends millions for the advancement of its revolutionary Environment Stability Goals. Leaps forward for its ambitious commitments for a Waste-free environment. Despite all the challenges.

Brand’s commitment to environmental sustainability remains steadfast and unchanged. While the company has stepped up with a bigger mission. The Zero Emission Formula-From Farm to Fork Approach and HACCP Certified Hygienic Packaging. The brand takes a whole “Direct Farm to Fork Approach”.Ensuring the best quality products to the consumers.Determining the Carbon Footprint of the products.Working through innovation to reduce their impact. Improve the health of the planet through this Farm Direct Approach.

Evolved Packaging: The entire system of the brand works by sourcing high-quality ingredients.From suppliers and direct from farmers. Ingredients sourced from the best origins. The latest methodologies and techniques used for the processing. Supreme quality ingredients are cleanly handled. Processed in superior and hi-tech machinery along with HACCP Certified Hygienic Packaging. Keeping the Nutrition and Quality Intact.

Specifications about the packaging: Food-grade, Reseal able, easy-to-open, easy-to-use, easy-to-store.

Himalayan Chef becomes Pakistan’s major consumer goods company. That commits to initiatives and campaigns to transform its entire brand portfolio. Launching innovative Reusable, Zip Lock Craft Packaging. The packaging will keep the food safe and cut the wastage. In this era of convenience and momentum, we all are shifting towards portable, sorted, and seamless packaged items. Providingefficiency to our busy lives.When environmental crises are on the rise. The average grocery consumer is willing to pay more for products. That aligns with their ethical and environmental beliefs and standards. So, today companies have to showcase their products and themselves as earth-conscious. Also environmental-sustainable holds the ultimate advantage over the consumers. This current shift is due to the alarming devastating situation of climate change.

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According to EPA, almost 77.9 tons of packaging every year is thrown. Which makes up 30% of the total waste a country generates. So much packaging waste is ending up in the disposal areas each year. We need a quick, sustainable and bio-degradable solution.

“We all should reject all those business models that continue to damage our planet. The environment and the planet. Irrespective of all the hurdles we people have to face. We all should join hands and turn our backs against this mafia. We must stand making the right choice, the smart choice. For the planet and ourselves.”

-CEO Himalayan Chef

A Reuse and Refill Revolution: The brand has developed reusable and refillable packaging. Encouraging thousands of consumers worldwide.To reuse the containers rather than buy new ones. Himalayan Chef grocery store in Pakistan aims at tackling the root causes of packaging waste. By thinking about the packaging problem. Working and initiating bold innovations and ideas. Challenging existing business models and creates newinnovative solutions. Such as refillable and reusable packaging designs and formats. To help the end-consumer cut down the use of plastic for the greater good. They are making the changes that are accessible and available on a large scale. To drive a long-lasting change for the environment.

“Environment is changing. And it’s not a good chance. We’ve been harming the planet and exploiting all-natural resources. Packaging waste is the best example. We all hold responsibility in working for the betterment of our planet. Responsibility for giving something back. The current situation is devastating and there’s no waiting for the change to happen.!”

-Environmental Engineer, and Managing Head WBM Foundation

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WBM Foundation is a Non-Profit organization. Working on the essential cause of Environmental Sustainability. WBM Foundation is a Company setup under Section 42 of the Companies Act, 2017 (Repealed Ordinance 1984). Working for creating a better, innovative, resilient, harmonious, healthy, and sustainable future.To develop a pollution-free and healthy environment for future generations. Bring revolutionary change by educating the masses about Environmental Change. Running nationwide plantation campaigns and have planted more than 10 million trees.

Plastic-free Future: Himalayan Chef has announced its future sustainable plans. For driving a large-scale sustainable packaging transformation.With the prime commitment of making all their packaging recyclable.Also refillable, and reusable for a plastic-free future.Exploring many do-able solutions for creating an impactful change.For the people and the planet. Himalayan Chef works on the green infrastructure. For not using PVC, PVCD, and Polystyrene (PS) or expanded Polystyrene (PS). That may prove deteriorating for the planet. Rather shifting towards Biodegradable and Compostable packaging material.

The brand never compromises with the health of its customers. They want to build and work for the greater good. To deliver the food to the consumers and reduce the food loss and packaging waste. The safety of the consumer and the quality of the food products are their number 1 priority. Himalayan Chef wants the consumers to take steps. To cut their footprint and improve the health of the planet.

About Himalayan Chef

Himalayan Chef is a Grocery & Food Brand that offers a diverse range of food products from Himalayan Pink Salt, Organic Seasonings, Basmati Rice, Pulses, Cooking Oils, Dried Fruits, and Cooking Plates to all kinds of Kitchen Staples. Himalayan Chef is dedicated to providing Pure, Fresh, Tasty yet nutritionally enriched food with no compromise on the quality. The brand works for a greater cause, eradicating Malnutrition that serves as the primary barrier to healthy eating and the driver of diet-related diseases. Himalayan Chef provides a selection of freshly produced Grocery Staples and made from scratch prepared Pure Foods. Himalayan Chef has been at the forefront of all major Marketplaces worldwide and with most food retail chains. The brand works with Cargill and Morton Salt as the largest supplier of Salt Products and has been doing business in all the major countries of the world, included USA, Pakistan, Europe, South America, South Asia, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Mexico, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Brazil, South Korea, Dubai, Bulgaria, Turkey, Philippine, Australia, and Thailand.

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