How To Check Samsung TV is Original or Fake

In an advertisement Samsung Pakistan guide customer’s to check originality of  Samsung LED TV before buying. In Market there are huge number of Fake Samsung LED TV’s are available and shopkeeper’s are selling by showing it’s genuineness. But actually they are fake model’s and we have also highlighted it on one of our blog post. Not only Samsung their are also other fake models of different brands are available. The fake models are low in price and branding are identical to original LED TV.

Samsung original or fake tv

How to Check Samsung TV is Original or Fake?

Samsung clearly mentioned all the steps to check the product is original or fake before buying you should follow all the steps.

  1. There should be authentic distributor logo on warranty card. The official distributor of Samsung TV are MRM and Smart Zone.
  2. There should be a sticker of Samsung Toll free number.
  3. There should be a original Samsung brand logo.
  4. You can confirm by dialing Samsung Toll free number 0800-72678 and confirm via serial number. It is only applicable on those products which have sold in 2015 and afterward.

Samsung also warned all seller who are selling fake TV to stop , other wise legal action shall be taken against them.

Umer Kayani
Umer Kayani
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