Advance Balance in Zong, Telenor & Ufone – Loan Code 2024

How to get Advance Balance for Zong – Zong Loan Details

If you’re worried about running out of balance, well you shouldn’t be since Zong has got you covered in these situations. You can easily obtain advance in Zong, for situations where you need to make urgent calls but you’re out of balance.
Zong advance loan instantly provides you with balance of Rs.20, which can be utilized to make calls, send texts or use the internet.

The procedure to obtain Zong advance loan is very simple. You can either dial *911# from your Zong network or can send a blank SMS to 911. You’ll instantly receive the advance loan.
Your advance balance loan would be paid off automatically when you recharge your account and Rs.3 + tax service charges would also be deducted along with the Rs.20.

How to Get Advance Balance for Ufone – Ufone Loan Details

Just like any other network, Ufone has also got you covered in situations. Where you really need to make a call or send a text but you’re out of balance. You can easily obtain UAdvance of Rs.20 and it is available for all Ufone customers will balance lower than Rs.11.
To obtain UAdvance, you can simply dial *456# and Rs.20 would instantly be added in your account.

While paying off the UAdvance, Rs.4.40 services charges would be deducted in addition to the Rs.20 obtained for advance.

How to Get Advance Balance for Telenor – Telenor Loan Details

Telenor also provides balance for situations when you’re out of balance in your account. With Telenor Emergency load, you can obtain Rs.15 of loan balance simply by dialing *0# from your Telenor network. This emergency load can be used to make calls, subscribe to packages or send text messages.

It would be automatically deducted on your next recharge, along with service charges of Rs.3.5 + Tax.

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