Latest Huawei P30 And P30 Pro Rumored Renders Show Off Some Pretty Colors And Features 2019

If I say that Huawei is the pioneer of gradient colors and aesthetic features, I won’t be exaggerating at all! Want to know why? Read below the new most anticipated specs and characteristics of Huawei P30 and P30 Pro.

Why Huawei P30 And P30 Pro Are Most Anticipating Smartphones Of 2019?

A bulk load of smartphones were released in 2018, but among all of them, one that stuck out as something special was the Huawei P20 Pro. Although not picture-perfect, the P20 Pro is generally pondered as having one of the very best camera packages we’ve ever seen on any smartphone. Add that together with a stunning design, fast performance, and greatly improved software, and it’s easy to see why we were so enthralled with the device.

And now in 2019, it’s time to look ahead to see what Huawei will do to enhance upon last year. It’s going to be a challenge, but if Huawei plays its cards right, the P30 and P30 Pro could very easily be one of the best phones of the year.

  • 10X Optical Zoom—A Rumor or A News?
    Latest Huawei P30 and P30 Pro rumored renders show off some pretty colors and Features 2019

Huawei P30 Pro will reportedly propose 10x optical zoom.
Looking first at the P30 Pro, the renders shown here unsurprisingly looks a lot like what was rumored in the news. The backside is home to three rear cameras, the LED flash is moved to the right of the lenses instead of being on the bottom, unlike the hands-on photos.
We can also see an auxiliary sensor by the flash which is apparently a time-of-flight sensor that’ll be able to capture real-time depth material. These specifications were discussed on WinFuture site and it was also mentioned that the P30 Pro would be capable of 10x optical zoom.

  • Huawei P30 Features

Based on what we’ve seen so far, the Huawei upcoming mobiles: P30 and P30 Pro will look similar to the P20 with some welcome upgrades.
Around front, there’s a large 6-inch display with a small waterdrop notch and a much smaller chin compared to its predecessor. There’s still a multi-colored glass back, but you’ll now find three rear cameras instead of just two. The bottom frame is home to a USB-C port and 3.5mm headphone jack. The power button and volume rocker are both on the right, and with no fingerprint sensor in sight, we’re assuming that Huawei’s implanted it underneath the display. The P30 Pro looks indistinguishable to the regular P30, with the biggest difference being its rear camera operation. Rather than a measly three cameras, the P30 Pro is expected to come with a total of four.
So, what specs are we anticipating? While no specs for the Huawei P30 have been confirmed, here’s what we’re currently presuming.

Operating System Android 9 Pie EMUI 9.0
Display 6-inch
2340 x 1080
Processor Kirin 980
Battery 4,000 mAh
Rear Camera 1 40MP
Rear Camera 2 20MP
Rear Camera 3 5MP

The P30 Pro will most probably have similar specs, with a few transformations and upgrades.

  • Huawei Mobile Prices

Currently, no pricing information for the P30 or P30 Pro has been made available yet, but we can likely expect them to cost around pkr 9000/- to pkr 19000/- more than last year’s phones.

Huawei P30 And P30 Pro—The Favorite Of All?

The following graph shows an estimated number of people who are fond of the most anticipated innovation of Huawei

When Huawei Latest Mobiles Are Going To Release?

Huawei latest mobiles P30 series will be officially revealed at a press conference in Paris on March 26, 2019. It release date in Pakistan is still to be confirmed.

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