Two Mobile Brands Unveiled Hole-Punch Smartphones| Huawei & Samsung

Huawei & Samsung Introduces Mid-Range Hole-Punch Smartphones…!!!

A great competition has been among all the companies of smartphones. Two most popular mobile phone companies are Huawei and Samsung are not in front of each other. These Two Smartphone-makers have unveiled handsets with a “hole-punch” selfie camera. The smartphones are Samsung A8s and Huawei Honor View20. Both smartphones feature a small circular space for the component. The Samsung A8s and Huawei Honor View20 are the mid-range smartphones. Both companies claimed to be first to launch the notch less camera design. According to the calculations Samsung shipped 72.2 million units and become the leader in the market. So, Huawei came second as it shipped 52 million devices in July-to-September quarter. The unveiled details are described below must read all these details and buy the mid-range smartphones.

Hole-Punch Smartphones by Samsung & Huawei

Samsung and Huawei are the top mobile makers from last some time, both brands are announcing many excellent devices for their users. This time both companies unveiled Hole-Punch Smartphones that are mid-range mobiles for all the users. The smartphones named as Samsung A8s and Huawei Honor View20. The design is intended to be less obtrusive than a “notch” in Samsung A8s and Huawei Honor View20.

Hole-Punch Phones

Everyone wants to become the leader of the market and a competitive environment is in every market among the top brands. There is a large competition for mid-range smartphones in the markets and both Samsung and Huawei claimed to be first to launch the notch less camera design. Therefore, Huawei that is a Chinese Company unveiled its Huawei Honor View20 in an event in Hong Kong from few hours before Samsung’s launch. This competition is good for the company as it is facing professional pressure from Huawei.

Image caption Samsung’s Infinity-O screen design features a hole-punch selfie camera neither handset features the kind of facial identification sensors.

According to the research companies Samsung was the world’s most successful smartphone brand in the July-to-September quarter, as it shipped 72.2 million units in this period. Huawei came second as it shipped 52 million devices over the same period.

Huawei Honor View20

Hole-Punch Phones

Huawei Honor View20’s claimed that it has main camera, on its rear, represents another world-first. It offers a resolution of 48 megapixels and is the first to use a sensor made by Sony. The plus point is that users can crop photos more closely without looking pixellated when printed out. But on the other side the downside is that higher-resolution shots take up more storage space.

Samsung A8s

This company don’t disclosed much about the new smartphone that is Samsung A8s. Samsung announced it had created its own 48MP sensor, but no information in which device it would be used.

Both smartphones are the mid-range smartphones, must buy these smartphone and get the most clear and excellent photo results.

Hole-Punch Phones

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