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Ali Azmat don’t Need Trainers to Speak Punjabi in Mola Jutt 2…!!!

Pakistan Film Industry is making many new projects that would be completed and available for the viewers. Many new films are becoming nowadays in which many new talented,skilled and excellent actors and actresses are performing their roles. A popular Pakistani Film Mola Jutt 2 is becoming again in which the cast is fabulous. Many shining stars of the Pakistan Entertainment Industry would be shown in this film. Mola Jutt was a Pakistani film of 70s and now its sequel has been under process with the name of Mola Jutt 2. People are waiting and are very excited for its release. Pakistani rock star Ali Azmat would also be the part of Mola Jutt 2. The director of Mola Jutt 2 film is Bilal La-Shari, Ali Azmat don’t disclose about his character in this film but he said that he was an actor from the beginning but he can’t sit for 6 hours on the set. He said he can speak the best Punjabi among all the cast of Mola Jutt 2 film. Other cast need trainers for speaking Punjabi but Ali Azmat can speak Punjabi very well as compare to the whole cast.

Details of Mola Jutt 2 Film

In early times of the Pakistan Industry many excellent film were produced and now those films are again producing by the new actors, actresses and by the producers. One of the most popular film of 70s was Mola Jutt. Now the sequel of this film is under process and will come with the name of Mola Jutt 2. The cast of the Mola Jutt 2 film includes very popular, talented and experienced people. The cast of the film Mola Jutt 2 is as follows:

  • Ali Azmat
  • Fawad Khan
  • Hamza Ali Abbasi
  • Maheera Khan
  • Humaima Malik

Mola Jutt 2

Rock Star Ali Azmat

In music profession there are many names who make their lot of fans with their voice and style. Ali Azmat is one of them, he is also called the Pakistani Rock Star. Now he is coming back in cinema after his film Waar that was released in 2013. He would come back with a new Punjabi film Mola Jutt 2. The people are waiting for this film which production has been started from a very long time ago.

Ali Azmat will perform a short role in Mola Jutt 2 film, but he don’t tell about his character in this film. He also said that he was an artist always but he can’t stay for full day on the set. He also added that he can’t make up for 6 hours continuously. But for money or when I am free then I can think for acting.

Mola Jutt 2

As it is a Punjabi film and cast should speak Punjabi in this film. So, Ali Azmat said I can speak the best Punjabi while many trainers are hired for other cast in this film. He also appreciated the team of this film and said it would be the best film because Bilal knows his work very well.

The releasing date of the Punjabi film Mola Jutt 2 has not been announced yet but we all are waiting for its release.

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