Coke Studio Released a New Song Hum Aik Hain |Cricket Anthem

Hum Aik Hain is The Best Patriotic Anthem for Cricket World Cup 2019!!!

The cricket season is on and everyone is so excited to know the winner of this Cricket World Cup 2019. As Pakistani cricket team is also on the playground and therefore, Coke Studio release a new cricket anthem on this occasion. A new music video has been uploaded by Coke Studio’s YouTube channel featuring Xulfi of Nescafe Basement fame. The new song named is Hum Aik Hain, really a patriotic song and is a good option with a big win for our team. The anthem itself force you to get up and dance, while Hum Aik Hain (we are one). The whole nation is united now and hoping the best for the winning of our team. The complete video is given in the below section, must watch and enjoy yourself with a new beat.

More about the Song

Coke Studio is one of the best platform in Pakistan that seeks the talent and shows it on international level. There are many patriotic songs and anthems that are made to unite the whole Pakistani nation. As we all know the cricket season is on and Pakistan is bating against England. On this occasion a new music video has been uploaded from the Coke Studio’s YouTube channel which is featuring Xulfi of Nescafe Basement fame.

The musician Xulfi not only features the video but has also conceived and produced the song, which is really a patriotic song named Hum Aik Hain.

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The anthem is really energetic and itself makes you to get up and dance. It actually beats on your heart when you hear it and force you to singing Hum Aik Hain (we are one).

The lyrics are prepared by Xulfi and Sami Khan with the perfect blend of old and new. One of the most patriotic line in this song is “iss mitti ke har marzi mei hai inteha bass isqh ke (extreme love is embedded in this soil). The oomph and ethnic touch is also added to make the song more grand and profound.

The complete video of latest patriotic song Hum Aik Hain is given below:

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