Hyundai will Introduce Digital Key to Unlock & Start Cars via Smartphone


Digital Key is the Replacement of Traditional Key System for Cars…!!!

It’s the era of technology and new technology replaces the previous one and decreases its value. Here is a big news for the car holders as most of us forget to keep the car keys at one place so to overcome this problem Hyundai would help us now with Digital Key. The company announced that it is developing a digital key that will allow the users to unlock and start their car via smartphone. The Digital Key can be downloaded through an app and up to four authorized users will be able to download the key. The users can also detect their car via digital key-enabled smartphone if it is close to the door. For better working of this Digital Key the Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication technologies would be used in it. The reason behind this innovative idea is to replace the Traditional Physical Key as the key may be lost or misplace from anyone. So this would be a good approach and an implementation of new technology in upcoming vehicles.

Digital Key

Replacement of Traditional Key

If you forget your car keys after keeping any place then you don’t need to worry now because Hyundai would introduce a new Digital Key for its users. The Digital Key would able to download through an app. By using this key the users will be able to unlock and start their car via a smartphone.

The main objective of Digital Key is to replace traditional keys. Up to four authorized users will be able to download the key and car will detect a digital key-enabled smartphone if it is close to the door.

Last month Hyundai Nishat Motors start the sale of fully equipped sports utility vehicle (SUV) in Pakistan with two variants as Santa Fe and Grand Starex.

NFC & BLE Technologies

The Near Field Communication (NFC) antenna would be for entry identification on the handles of the driver and passenger-side doors while one will be attached to wireless charging pad to start the car. Once the car is unlocked, the user can then start car by placing the smartphone on the wireless charging pad. The charging pad would located on the center console and pressing the engine start/stop button for starting and stopping the car. On the other hand Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication users will also be able to activate an alarm.

Digital Key

There will also the personalized settings of each user that will be stored in the vehicle. These settings will enable the automatic adjustment of mirrors, seats and the steering wheel as well as controls for the audio and navigation systems.

Hyundai would include the Digital Key in upcoming cars as an innovative scheme in new cars. Hyundai would implement this technology in new vehicles that it produces later this year.

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