IDC Installed Siemens AXIOM Aristos Dual Detector X Ray System

Islamabad Diagnostic centre is well known imaging and lab services provider located at F8 Centre Islamabad installed a new Siemens AXIOM Aristos Fully Automatic Dual Detector X Ray System to provide better services. The general Radiology (X – Ray) is still one of the most important diagnostic investigation in the hands of a physician. Major factor under consideration after obtaining high quality image is the “Radiation Dose” given to patient.

Radiation dose is even more important if patent is required to get repeated x ray images at short intervals or large number of areas is to be covered in one time. IDC is also alive to this issue and in that regards has been using digital x ray to minimize radiation dose.

Now along with all other best services, fully automatic Dual Detector X ray system from Siemens (Axioms Aristos Digital) has been installed, IDC has further brought down the radiation exposure to fraction of what other system offer.

Just to quote that an X ray Chest that was done in at 60 to 80 mAs on analogue systems, and 30 to 40 mAs on routinely used CR systems, can now be done at a dose of around 2 mAs, which is fraction of the actual dose. This will help to save the patient from X-Ray hazards of over exposure. The image processing is done on Siemens workstation “SYNGO” and is load on PACS for achieving. The soft copy is also available if needed.


X ray Dose Analogue x-ray (public center) available old CR systems IDC digital Siemens Aristos Dose at IDC is fraction of all the other x ray units.
mAs 60-80 mAs 30-40 mAs 2-3 mAs

Attached is a brief detail of the technical information of the new Digital X ray technology from Siemens installed at IDC.

Siemens AXIOM Aristos Fully Automatic Dual Detector X Ray


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