Zong Brings New Internet Bundles for Employee Special Package


Zong seems to be a bit confused in making decision regarding  Zong B1 T13 employee special package or Zong Value Package. First they announced to cut off the FnF on package and than they changed their name to Zong value package and introduced new 3G/4G internet packages and removed all old internet bundles on employee package.

They decides to remove 3G package on employee package which were available for just Rs.100 and it was truly unlimited and 4G package was costing Rs.250 and that was also unlimited. They decided to merge it and discontinued the 3G package and combined it with 4G package which cost Rs.250. After that they announced to cap their 4G Rs.250 package and announced to give only 30 GB per month on their data package.

After that from 1st-October,2015 they brings up completely new bundle on Zong B1 T13 employee special package and Rs.250 were also available to some customers.

1- 4Gb/Month at Rs.350
2- 8Gb/Month at Rs.650
3- 24GB/Month at Rs.1500

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But, from 1st-December,2015 Zong revamped their internet packages for Zong B1 T13 employee special package. And now there are only two packages are available.

Mini Bundle: 10 GB at Rs.500 Per Month

Super Bundle: 30 GB at Rs.1000 Per Month

To Activate: Dial *140#


  1. These internet package has been obsolete now and is no more available on Zong B1 T13 employee special package.

    Don’t be get in this charm. I have confirmed it from ZONG official resources and checked it personally.

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