Importance of Education & Upcoming Problems in Pakistan


After creation of Adam A.S the first step was to seek knowledge. the importance of education can be evaluated from the first first reveled verses of holy Quran on prophet Muhammad (SAW) in the cave of Hira at the age of 40, which can be read as:

       “Recite in the name of your lord who created _ created man from a clot of blood. recite and your lord is most generous _ who taught by the pen _ taught man that which he knew not.”

The first ever order of Allah to holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was to get knowledge. moreover, the importance of education is made by the announcement of day of judgement. holy prophet (PBUH) has disclosed the importance of education in many of his hadiths, such as:

  • “To seek knowledge is compulsory for men and women”.
  • “Acquire knowledge from cradle to grave”.
  • “Get knowledge even if you have to travel to china”.
  • “When Allah wishes good for someone , he bestows upon him the knowledge of deen”.

Education makes human race civilized hence Allah and prophet of Islam stressed to get educated and acquire knowledge about every sphere of life. Educated persons are highly differentiated from uneducated people. Educated person can think and solve problems in a better way with best manners, can cause great reforms in the society, maintaining peaceful and healthy atmosphere in the social gatherings. hence the importance of education cannot be denied.

                           Problems in the way of education in Pakistan

The biggest challenge Pakistan is currently facing is the importance of education and problems arising in its way to be exercised. Pakistan is the only country which was truly created in the name of Islam. We are to make examples in the field of education for others, but unfortunately we are lacking far behind and could not impart basic knowledge to our children. The literacy rate is 25 to 30% in Pakistan in which people who can only write their names are considered educated.

  1. Low standard education:

The problem is the low standard of education. there are many reasons for it, for example:

  • The appointment of teachers with average abilities.
  • Appointments of teachers on the basis of political quota’
  • Use of unfair means to pass an examination.
  • Shortage of training institutes to develop the better teaching skills.

2. Lack of quality textbooks:

Second problem is the non-availability of quality books and necessary reference materials. the curriculum is changed to make necessary changes in the courses to meet the challenges of changing times but the books are either unavailable or so much expensive.

3. Limited extra curricular activities:

Another problem is the limited facilities of healthy extra curricular and social activities. thus unavailability gives birth to student politics and other destructive activities.

4. Poor economy of the people:

Pakistan is a developing country where the economical resources are very limited. due to the lack of resources, education department faces a lot of problems and people are unable to afford huge expenses of the education of their children.

5. Lack of educational institutes:

Lack of educational institutions especially in the rural areas is another problem that results in low literacy rates. in Pakistan there is the shortage of institutions of professional and technical education.

6. Un-employment:

After getting education, a lot of people fail to achieve jobs. this lack of job opportunities in the country motivates the people to send their children to some jobs in their school going age.

7. Insufficient educational facilities:

In the major parts of the country there are insufficient education facilities like libraries, laboratories and other facilities.

8. Aimless education:

The objectives of education are not fixed to meet national needs rather the international obligation is kept in the view. most of the schemes are imported from USA which does not suit Pakistan and her people. already existing system was devised to provide workers for foreign rulers.


If we want to promote our educational sector so we have to improve the textbooks of the institution of textbook board and make functional standard educational syllabus for all classes, improve our examination system, impartment of primary education to our children should be made compulsory. And government should increase the educational budget and implementing better educational policy.

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