How to Invest in Uber/Careem Pakistan


It was not long ago that Uber and Careem were launched in Pakistan. What these apps do is simple, they connect users and drivers, while keeping a bit of fare share for themselves. We can agree on the fact that these apps have totally changed the taxi service concept. Since their launch, many people have signed up for these as its good money.

Many people also wonder how to invest or earn using Uber or Careem. You can do full time or part time, depending on your schedule, however both companies offer decent amount of money.

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For both companies, you need to sign up first. Both have somewhat similar signing up process. You have to submit all the supporting documents before you can hit the road. These documents include an e along with identification card or anything that proves your identity, car registration, driving licence and a character certificate that has been verified by the police. Your car must also meet the companies’ standards but as they are desperate to increase number of cars on the road even Mehran would work for you.
After submitting the documents and their acceptance, comes the training part. Both Uber and Careem train their drivers. Uber has a complex training process while Careem’s is rather simpler.

Now after all formalities comes up the part where how much you can earn using Uber or Careem. You have make certain amounts of trips a day. Out of the total money earned Uber keeps 25% of it while Careem keeps 20%. For example if you make a trip of worth 100 rupees Uber gets 25 rupees, say 20 rupees go to the fuel and rest of it is your savings. These companies also offer time to time bonuses depending on how many trips you make a day.
So if you work full time, after deducting the Uber/Careem’s share, fuel costs and car repair, you can save around 50,000. That amount varies month to month depending on number of trips and bonuses offered.

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