Why People Prefer Uber Instead of Careem – Cheap Rates

Nowadays traveling has become much easier than the earlier times. Various people have started transport business to take traveling to a whole new level. Therefore, different transport systems have made traveling significantly efficient and easy. However, in the recent years new services i.e. Careem and Uber were introduced in Pakistan. Moreover, almost everyone is familiar with these names and have availed these services.

For those who don’t know about Careem & Uber

Careem and Uber taxi are best services ever introduced in Pakistan. From these services, you can have a ride on your door in just a few minutes. Moreover, you can travel wherever you need in cheap rates and comfortable conditions.

How to Avail These Services

Careem and Uber can easily be availed just by downloading and installing their associated apps on your mobile phone. After installing the apps you have to sign up & create your account on any of the preferred apps. And there you go…..

Now just have to open the app and enter your present location and the location you want to go, you will be demonstrated insights about everything on your mobile screen like the closest driver with his car, the rates and so on.

Here are the general steps to use Uber or Careem:

1. Get the App: If you have an Android device, you can download the Uber app from the Google Play Store. If you have an iOS device, you may install the Careem app from the Apple App Store.

2. Create an Account: The second step is to launch the app and create an account by entering your email, phone number, and a password. Just use your existing credentials to log in if you already have an account.

3. Choose a Pickup Spot: The third step is to use the app to designate your present location as the meeting spot. The app gives you two options: either let it use your device’s GPS to find you, or type in the address by hand.

4. Select “Destination” and type in the desired location’s address. The app will show you the different ride alternatives and give you an estimate of the fee.

5. Choose a Mode of Transportation: Various modes of transportation, including economy, premium, and shared rides, will be available to you based on your location and personal preferences. Pick the one that works for you in terms of price and requirements.

6. The sixth step is to confirm the ride by reviewing the facts of the trip, such as the projected cost, driver details, and arrival time. Please confirm your transportation request when you are ready.

7. Ride Tracking: Use the app’s map interface to monitor your driver’s arrival in real time. Notifications will also be sent to you if your driver is in the area.

8. Pay: Your fare will be automatically computed after you reach your destination, taking into account the distance traveled and any additional expenses. Depending on your region, you can use the app to pay using a variety of methods, including cash, mobile wallets, and credit/debit cards.

9. Review and Rate: Once your ride is over, you’ll be able to give your driver a rating and share your thoughts about the experience. Doing so aids in keeping service quality high and guarantees a good experience for users to come.

10. Easy and convenient transportation alternatives are at your fingertips whenever you need them with these steps to use Uber or Careem.

Uber vs. Careem: Which one is better?


Cars and their Conditions

According to the consumer’s perspective, the difference between Uber & Careem is nothing more than a small line. Both of the service providers are doing their best to satisfy their customers. The first most step taken for this purpose is to provide highly maintained cars for their customers.

In this regard both of the services are outstanding. Moreover, elegant air conditioned cars with polite drivers are what everyone demands and thus they are fulfilling this demand at their best.


As per rates are concerned, there is a bit difference in rates. As per the current scenario, Uber is offering 10 to 20% cheaper rates than Careem. However, the two competitors are constantly slashing rates.

Moreover, both of the service providers are offering various relaxations & introducing discounts so prices are consistently varying.

Uber might be a better choice than Careem for several reasons:

1. Uber is a well-known brand all over the world, but Careem is more focused on serving the Middle East and other areas. When people are familiar with a brand, they may feel more at ease and trusting of it.

2.  In areas where both Uber and Careem are available, users may find that Uber offers better service due to a larger fleet of drivers and lower wait times.

3. Users searching for affordable transportation options may be interested in Uber because of its competitive pricing and frequent promotions, which include discounts and ride credits.

4. When comparing the two apps, some users might think that Uber’s UI, navigation, and general experience are better.

5. Users may have more options for transportation in some cities or countries where Uber offers better coverage than Careem.

6.  Users may have personal experiences or hear positive reviews about Uber’s reliability, professionalism of drivers, and cleanliness of vehicles as indicators of overall service quality.

7. Uber has expanded its app ecosystem to include Uber Eats, a food delivery service, and Uber Freight, a freight transportation service.

Some users may still like Careem due to its reward programs, local alliances, or other distinctive features; nevertheless, preferences might differ among individuals depending on their own requirements, experiences, and perspectives.

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