Jazz 4G Wifi Devices & Packages|2021

Internet has continued to evolve in Pakistan and the process was stimulated through heavy investment a few years back, resulting in the availability of advanced Internet technology nationwide. 4G Internet, the faster form of commercially available internet became available to the consumers in Pakistan after successful spectrum bidding a couple of years back.
Eventually, the most notable network providers including Jazz Mobilink have started extending the availability of 4G internet.
Currently, Jazz offers two Internet devices that’ll enable consumers to leverage Jazz 4G internet.

Jazz 4G Devices|2021

The Jazz Wi-Fi Device is the latest addition. This device lets you insert a Jazz SIM card and SD card to start using 4G internet. Once you’ve inserted the SIM card and the battery, you can turn on the device, enter the SSID/password and start using the Internet.
This device lets you connect up to 12 Wi-Fi enabled devices on your Jazz Internet device. It also provides a WPS button to connect any device without the password.

The Jazz Wi-Fi Device is rechargeable and provides up to 7 hours of running time and around 300 hours of standby time.
The device is extremely handy and sports a Wi-Fi indicator, WPS indicator, Connection Indicator and Signal Indicator.
Currently, it costs Rs.4500 and can be purchased from the official website of Jazz. Jazz offers free 25 GB data for 1 month upon purchasing this device.

Another Wi-Fi device offered by the same company is Jazz 4G Wingle Device. This is another extremely handy internet device. You can insert your Jazz SIM card, switch it on and start enjoying amazing speeds of 4G internet. This device also lets you connect up to 12 devices and enjoy Wi-Fi internet.

The Jazz 4G Wingle costs Rs.3500.

Jazz Mobile Broadband Packages|2020

  • Monthly Internet Basic

Charges: Rs.999

Validity: 30 days

Data Volume: 10 GB

Subscription Code: 117*71#


  • Monthly Internet Regular

Charges: Rs.1500

Validity: 30 Days

Data Volume: 25 GB

Subscription Code: 117*73#


  • Monthly Internet Heavy

Charges: Rs.2500

Validity: 30 Days

Data Volume: 50 GB

Subscription Code: 117*74#

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