Amazing Jazz Tag Service Introduced by Jazz

Jazz has come up with an amazing offer for its customers. People use tags on various social media platforms to highlight the name or whatever they want.  However, Jazz has planned and introduced the same system for their network users. Jazz Tag

Jazz Tag

Remembering phone numbers gets difficult because we have so many things on our minds. You can now define a Tag for yourself that will serve as your number.

Moreover, this service allows you to create short and catchy virtual number against your name that is linked to your Jazz number. For instance, now there is no need of telling your friends to call on your number, and dictating the whole 11 digits number.

Using Jazz Tags, you can get calls from your relatives and friends on your name tag. For instance, #Ali or #Zarmeen. (For calling tag Ali dial #7262 from your phone’s dial pad).

Offer Details

The offer can be subscribed and unsubscribed easily

    • For Subscription:*642#
    • For un-subscription: Send Unsub to 6425
    • Prepaid Charges: Rs.5.98 /week (Incl. tax)
    • Postpaid Charges: Rs.20+tax/month
    • Call Charges: Rs.0.50+tax/minute

Premium Tags

There are also some special tags (Premium Tags) which can be purchased on different i.e. Rs.500, Rs.1000 & Rs.5000.

Other Information:

You will get an SMS notification to set your Jazz Tag. For setting a Tag, you will reply with your name or digits associated with the name e.g. for setting Tag “Ali” reply with Ali or 7262 (digits on the keypad against these alphabets).

A unique Tag can be assigned to only one number. If another customer requests for the same Tag, he/she will get a notification that the requested tag is not available and will get other available options for setting a Tag against their number.

Call On Jazz Tag:

Now, it’s really simple to reach you on Jazz Tag. Your friends and family can simply dial #Tag. For example if to call Ali, customer will dial #Ali (#7262 on dialing pad).

    • Only on-net numbers can call on Jazz Tag.
    • Call charges on dialing #tag are Rs.0.5+tax/minute.
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