Ken Doll Dubai Adnan Zafar Surprise Fans with Iconic Barbie Moment

Ken Doll Dubai Adnan Zafar surprises the fans with an iconic Barbie moment that everyone was waiting for. Adnan is known for his over-the-top gestures and seriously hilarious videos. Since the Barbie movie is making rounds all over the world, his fans were waiting for something by Adnan on this.

As the self-proclaimed Ken Doll, Adnan lived up to the Barbie fantasy and enlisted the help of none other than Faryal Makhdoom. She is a makeup icon and a social media influencer, and together they have recreated the iconic Barbie moment of our generation.

Ken Doll Dubai

Ken Doll Dubai Adnan Zafar and Faryal Makhdoom Recreated Barbie Dream

Ken Doll Dubai Adnan Zafar and Faryal Makhdoom shared a reel on Instagram that has been liked 75,000+ times. It has also reached a total of 500,000 times and has received 3000 comments as well.

Exhibiting their striking resemblance to Barbie and Ken, Makhdoom and Zafar effortlessly embodied their dream without the aid of AI. These two individuals of brown ethnicity exuded sheer elegance as they lived out their enchanting “Dubai Dream,” truly serving looks.

The duo received heartwarming comments from social media users, including actress Aiman Khan and Mathira.

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Backlash on the Instagram Reel by Ken Doll Dubai

The public didn’t hold back in expressing their views about Barbie and Ken as their preferred role models, citing concerns about the perceived artificiality and plasticity of their personas. As influencers, they often face criticism from the public, and their recent appearances have been met with disapproval by netizens.

The public seems relentless in mocking their surgically altered facial features and physiques. Although both individuals have openly acknowledged undergoing plastic surgery, the public’s perception remains unchanged, and they continue to draw attention to these enhancements.

Ken Doll Dubai has remained unbothered as always, which is irking his haters the most. But he thrives on attention and uses it positively with his humor and funny videos. What do you think of the new Barbie and Ken? Do you think they went a little over the top or was it just perfect?

Rabia Tanveer
Rabia Tanveer
Rabia Tanveer is a graduate from Kinnaird College for Women and holds a Bachelors in English Literature. She is a seasoned freelance writer with more than a decade of experience in multiple niches.
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