Shocking! Khani Drama Real Story Exposed (Based on Real Story)

Khani Drama Real Story Exposed – Based on the Shahzaib’s Murder

Khani Drama now becomes a craze for people. The people anxiously wait for this drama serial whole week and their interest rapidly increasing by every passing episode. This viral drama serial has more than 1.5+ Million Views YouTube and make a record as Most watched Pakistani Drama Serial. Khani Drama Real story is exposed. Very few people are aware of the real story. The story is based on the real life of an innocent boy Shahzeb. He was killed back in 2012 by a famous politician’s son.

Khani Drama Real Story Exposed:

Khani Drama is base on the real life of Shahzeb, a 20 years old boy, badly murdered in 2012. The character named Sarim (Khani’s brother) is portrayed the role of Shahzaib. The role of Mir Hadi (Feroz Khan) is portrayed the character of the Shahzeb’d murderer, named Shahrukh Jatoi.Shocking Khani Drama Real Story Exposed Although the story has some amendments in it like the love story of Mir Hadi and Sanam Khan.

Which character Display which role:

  • Mir Hadi -> Shahrukh Jatoi
  • Sarim -> Shahzaib Khan(Late)
  • Sanam Khan (Khani) -> Shahzaib’s sister (being harassed)
  • Mir Shah -> Sikandar Jatoi

How the Shahzeb’s story and Khani drama story resembled:

Shahzaib was the only son having three sisters. He was 20 Years old and a university student. He had a dispute with his university fellow, Shahrukh jatoi, on the Parking of the car. After that, father of both the boys resolved the issue.

After that, the servant of Shahrukh jatoi’s friend harassed Shahzaib’s sister.Shahzaibfightst with the servant and give him the warning from staying away from his sister. The Shahrukh jatoi and his friend decided to murder the innocent Shahzaib. When Shahzaib was returning to home after the attending the Walima ceremony of his sister, the murderer killed the Shahzaib by shooting him.Khani Drama

The same thing happened with the Sarim(Khani’s brother). He is also brutally killed by the powerful politician’s son. The Shahzaib’s family forgive the Shahrukh because of the pressure and went to Australia for a lifetime.

Which part of the drama does not relate to reality.

The character of Mir Hadi displayed in the drama serial is not real. The love of Mir Khadi is the further amendments of the writer. However, the fabulous acting of Feroz Khan, make this drama serial super blockbuster.

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