Top 10 Pakistani Social Issues Dramas- Dare to Address Bold Issues

Top 10 Pakistani Pakistani Social Issues Dramas – A Positive Change Towards Society

It’s the common perception of the people that, dramas are only for entertainment nothing else. People usually spend their leisure time while watching the drama serials to get rid of boredom. But now, Pakistani dramas are trying to provoke the strong messages by introducing the social issues that our society is facing today. You can kill the two birds with one stone by getting entertained by dramas and yield a strong message from it. Today, I am going to tell you about Top 10 Pakistani Social Issues Dramas and this effort is really appreciating.

Top 10 Pakistani Pakistani Social Issues Dramas:

Here is the complete list of Top 10 Pakistani Pakistani Social Issues Dramas. If you have not watched it start watching today and get a lot of entertainment and positivity from it.


This drama serial is aired on ARY Digital and focus on the major social issue of our society, forced marriages. This drama shows, how the forced marriages ruined the life of the couple alongside with the two families. It also shows the selfishness between siblings which goes wrong sometimes.


Another drama serial which addresses the social issue is Muqabil. The drama serial is based on the child abusing which is a common problem in Pakistan now a day. This drama also shows the ignorance of the parents towards their child’s which often cause mishaps. Furthermore, this drama came at number second when we talk about Pakistani Social Issues Dramas.


This is really the admirable Pakistani Social Issues Dramas. The drama serial address the social issue, Honor killing and adopted tributes. This drama shows how the ego kills the happiness of a family and disturb the peace in society.


Another drama serial based on the child abuse is Udaari. The drama serial shows how the children have to face when they are threatened to remain silent after abusing badly. However, this drama was criticized by people.

5.Dar si Jati hai Sila:

The drama serial is addressed the sexual harassment that the women have to face in any phase of their life. The drama shows how a mother and a daughter have to face serious harassment.

6.Aisi Hai Tanhai:

The blockbuster drama serial, esi hai tanhai addresses how social media is running our life. This drama is also a lesson for the girls who fall in the love with a boy and ruin their whole life due to the society’s narrow mindset. Although this drama clear the path for girls to take action for themselves.

7.Khuda Mera Bhi Hai:

Another epic drama serial based on the miseries and hardness of Transgender. It shows what happen when a society starts accepting the third genders and start giving them the rights they deserve. As a result, considered as best ever drama.


The drama serial Iltija is based on the story of a girl who has is taunted because she gave the birth to two abnormal kids. The drama shows how her husband, in-laws, and society don’t accept the child and blame her for this.


Another message is driven drama serial, teaching the lesson to the people who have blind trust on their “Na-mahram”. However, This drama is considered best ever drama serial.


The drama serial is based on the trials and tributes. This drama serial is based on the traditional trial “vani”. The drama describes how this act ruined the life of the girl and she has to listen to the taunt of everyone.

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