How to Lower Your Electricity Bills

Electricity is today’s most important need. As we know almost everything is operated through electricity. However, high electric bills are really a big tension for individuals who have not much resources and earnings. Moreover, if we say that we can reduce our electric bills by some magic or some fraud then it is impossible.

There are many ways you can reduce your electricity bills. All you need are just some tricks and tips of saving electricity. No matter what climatic conditions you are facing, electricity is used 24/7 and 12 months a year. So let us share some tips which will help you in reducing your electric bills.

Seal up The House


I’m pretty sure that most of us are facing a problem of money leaking through the holes and cracks in our rooms. So the first most steps you have to take against your money leaking are to seal all those cracks and fill up the holes in your rooms. Moreover, according to Consumer Reports, sealing leaks can reduce energy costs by 15 to 30%.

Heat Generating Appliances


In summers reduce the use of heat-generating appliances. Moreover, if you need to use them then you should have to figure out such a set up that heat generating appliances such as oven and cloth dryers’ etc. should be used away from those rooms where you mostly stay.

Air Dry Clothing


Instead of using dryers for drying clothes, you should use an air dry clothing procedure to reduce the use of energy. Moreover, theoretically, I like this idea. J.D.’s wife Kris credits line-drying her laundry with reducing their average daily electricity cost.

Fair Usage of Electric Appliances


  • Ceiling Fans: Turn on ceiling fans as they make a room feel cooler & save much money.
  • Unplug Electronics: Unplug the electronic devices that are not in use i.e. Mobile Chargers, Standby Television, and Oven etc. Moreover, take care of lights. Turn off the bulbs while you are not using the room.
  • Empty House: Most of the people turn on their ACs while leaving the house for work. Stop……..! It’s a big mistake. The cooling appliances must be switched off. Don’t cool empty houses.

There are also many tips you can follow

  1. Install dimmer switches and use LEDs.
  2. Keep your fridge and freezer full.
  3. Eliminate phantom loads.
  4. Shield your home from the sun.
  5. Maintenance of electronics.

We hope these tips will help you lower your electricity bills.

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