Ludo Star Hack-How to Get Six in Ludo Star


How to Get Six in Ludo Star: Don’t tell me that you haven’t heard about Ludo Star yet. If you have not played it then you have missed an amazing game. Ludo star is one of the most trending games in 2017 available on Google Playstore and ios playstore.

Moreover, the game was launched in 2017 and got hype in few months. As it gained a positive rating of 4.7 out of 5 and more than 5 million downloads on Google playstore.

However, in the end, we can just say that it is the most trending game now a days. Furthermore, if you want to know more about the game; it’s playing strategy, how to win? Etc. First, you have to know about some basic tips/tricks. I will recommend you to follow our guide if want to get more sixes in the game to win it.

Why I should Get Six in Ludo Star

Ludo Star game is all about luck but, getting a six can increase your chance of winning the game. As six is everything in Ludo Star because you can open your piece with six, you get another turn if you get six in Ludo star and much more.

Thus, by getting six on every time you roll the dice you will have the maximum chance of killing the opponent’s piece. Moreover, six will also increase the chance of running to the safe point if you’re close to getting your piece killed. Get Six in Ludo Star

How to Get Six in Ludo Star

Getting a six or a higher number in Ludo Star is not that difficult. A genius has found a trick to get six in Ludo star.

  • Simply wait for the timer to reach the 1st quarter.
  • As it reaches 12:15 tap on a dice to roll it. There are 90% chances of getting a six whenever the dice are rolled at 12:15 on the timer.

Get Six in Ludo Star

This is the easy trick you must try to Get Six in Ludo Star.

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