How Microsoft 70-767 Exam Dumps Make Your Preparation Easier

If you’re the type of person who wants a smooth-sailing exam preparation, this article is for you. The Microsoft 70-767 exam is no easy test; it’s definitely something that would test your knowledge and even measure your technical skills. And if you want to ace your test in one take, here’s everything you need to know about your upcoming certification exam.

Why Microsoft 70-767exam is an essential exam for your BI career?

First of all, exam AZ-300 is one of the key tests to earn an MCSA endorsement. The other one is exam 70-768. Successful completion of these two challenging exams means you are now a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate with deep mastery in SQL 2016 BI solutions. And with this certification, you become a skilled BI developer who is in-demand by many employers.

How to become a Microsoft certified BI developer?

Transforming yourself into a certification holder is a lengthy yet gratifying process. You have to go through various preparations, exam stints, and everything in between! To help you lessen the stress, we’ve run down the core steps that you can follow so you’ll acquire your MCSA: SQL 2016 BI Development in no time.

  • Equip yourself with a solid foundation

Having a background in Business Intelligence makes your certification process smoother. This gives you an overview of the concepts and tasks that you need to polish. In particular, exam 70-767 is the right fit for data warehouse and ETL developers who have experience in dealing with BI solutions. This experience should include but not limited to cleansing, managing, and implementing a data warehouse. If possible, earn a related MTA certification first before you prepare for this MCSA exam.

  • Familiarize the exam outline and objectives

It’s not easy to delve into a certification path. Thus, it’s best for you to know what you are up. For this exam, it’s actually more than just implementing and administering data solutions via SQL. It involves a range of technical tasks that you need to master. And you will understand the exam more through its list of objectives. There are three main skills being analyzed in the exam, but the one with the highest fraction is how you manage and ETL data and solution. The remaining objectives include your technical abilities in upholding data quality, drafting knowledge base, and designing data features such as tables, views, and indexes.

  • Comprehend the topics one by one

To efficiently guide you, there’s a detailed list of the topics noted on their website. Use this material as your reference so you won’t lose track of the things you need to cover and practice. Also, make sure that you only follow the updated exam content (March 2017).

  • Make use of the official exam ref

To fully grasp the skills being required in the exam, you can take advantage of the resources supplied by Microsoft. Launch your exam training with the specific Exam Ref for 70-767, which is a book designed to cover the objectives strategically. Authored by industry specialists Raj Uchhana and Jose Chinchilla, the material also pitches in some realistic what-if setups to help you assess your technical readiness more than just your exam demands.

  • Get more information from endorsed courses

Next in line are the training courses, which are all generated to give you a more inclusive comprehension of the topics. The instructor-led is the most recommended material if you want a thorough analysis of all exam concepts and features. It’s an authoritative course that trails from the official Microsoft exam content. Likewise, you gain extra insights and some valuable tips from a renowned expert in Microsoft SQL and Business Intelligence sectors. On the other hand, there are also self-paced lectures that you can use to further cultivate your exam understanding. These are accessible on the YouTube platform, a trusted partner by Microsoft for their certification courses and continued education.

  • Try using other prep materials like exam dumps

Keep on learning and maximize as many resources as you want. But of course, you only have to utilize top-rated materials from leading IT platforms. And one of the best sites that provide excellent exam dumps is On this website, you’ll unearth some free ete files as well as some paid premium bundles for different certification exams. All their materials are regularly updated to give way to the changes done in every exam. So, if you’re looking for quality dumps, get them at and carry on with your training.

  • Be part of various online discussions

Online forums are not just beneficial for your exam but also with your professional undertakings as a whole. It allows you to reach out to people of the same spectrum as yours. As a result, you pick up significant insights that may not be available on the materials that you use. Often than not, you learn a lot from people and their experiences. That’s why it’s really advisable for you to go outside the box and utilize other ways to master the exam. And joining forums and blogs gives you this chance to magnify your knowledge as well as discuss relevant information with your peers.


Once you accomplish exam 70-767, you’re off to the next challenge, and that is exam 70-768. So, prepare yourself for a jam-packed journey that will lead you to a fruitful profession. Choose the options covered in this article that suit you best. Check website and practice with their updated dumps.

With your very own MCSA credential, you substantiate your theoretical knowledge into technical expertise. So, stay committed to your goals for you to have a successful BI career!

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