Digital transformation in Pakistan:

Microsoft Pakistan and Higher education commission (HEC) has authorized an Education Transformation arrangement (ETA) at a virtual gathering held between Dr. Tariq Banuri, Chairman, HEC, Mark East, Vice President Education, Microsoft, Europe Middle East, and Africa. The meeting was also attended by other critical heads from the two sides to help academic organizations influence innovations in the learning interaction.

Digital education system :

Dr. Tariq Banuri, Chairman HEC, said, Covid-19 outbreak has shown numerous difficulties for the Educational area in Pakistan. With Microsoft’s assistance, we have effectively transformed them into a fortunate circumstance and leave on the journey to change the educational system through ‘digitalization.’

Under the ETA structure, Microsoft teams up with Universities assisting them in their digital modification project through actual technology system usage. It encourages them to make a safe and associated campus, supports teaching and learning, opportunities for academic research, and builds students’ chances through a simple way to knowledge and modern devices.


ETA with Microsoft portrays our responsibilities to adjusting towards reforming the learning cycle with several activities. These involvements will introduce modern technological instruments to improve faculty to student communication at all levels. This participation has a long way to go to the satisfaction of Digital Pakistan’s vision.

Moreover, various programs are essential for this system affecting students and faculties’ academic life-cycle. For example, programs focused on Technology training camps, the Student Hackathon, Imagine Cup, and numerous online training meetings for 200+ organizations across the nation straightforwardly assist with technology approval and help assemble the future faculty.

Microsoft collaborated with HEC :

During the Covid-19 outbreak, HEC has been giving far-off learning solutions for academic exercises in universities. To keep up a similar activity, Microsoft worked together with HEC to bring over 100 universities and 500,000 or more students to a digital hub of Microsoft Teams that bring assignments, conversations content, and applications together at one spot.

The team also functions well with Moodle, which most universities use as their Learning Management System. The team has currently presented new features that authorize the faculty to take online exams in a safe climate and create quizzes easily to limit blunders’ chances.

Microsoft is a powerful platform :

It is a powerful, feature-rich platform. It helps colleges, universities, and educational associations move their core managerial and IT capacities to the next generation Microsoft advancements guaranteeing the best results for students with a 360-degree view and exercises by offering the correct types of assistance and support at the right time.

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