Microsoft Community – Windows 11 to be launched on the 24th of June 2021 

Microsoft has been promoting Windows 11 (the new generation of Windows) for months. Finally, after the massive success of Windows 10, Microsoft is all ready to launch Windows 11 this month.

However, the clues from the promos show that Microsoft is introducing the new updates of Windows 10 and initiating the latest versions of the Windows Operating System, respectively.

 In this regard, Microsoft announces the Windows Launching event on the 24th of June 2021. At this event, the new upgrade of the Windows Operating System will be revealed.

What’s New for the Windows Operating System:

In the this event, the company reveals the structure and image of how it looks. Moreover, the design includes the Logo. There is a white shine coming out from the vertical side of the windows.

This white light specifies the outline, which pretty much looks like number 11. In addition, Microsoft’s new generation of Windows 11 looks like the animated version of the image. Microsoft company shows the teaser of its latest windows in its latest tweet:

Furthermore, Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft exec, expressed his gratitude by saying that he has never been so excited about this new Windows operating system’s new launch since Windows 95. This is the first time that Microsoft says that the latest version is on its way. He expressed his thoughts through his social media Twitter account.

However, the event takes place at 11 AM ET. Many named personalities have been invited to the event. In addition, Nedella gave its word that Microsoft is all set to release one of the most essential and outstanding versions of Windows this time.

Panos Panay, the chief production officer of Microsoft, also promotes the next generation of Windows by the start of this year. It seems that Windows 11 comes with bigger and more fine visuals. This time Microsoft is all set to achieve a huge milestone. Have a look at the structure of the latest windows.


The resources further revealed that Windows 11 features many latest and upgraded functions like display changes, upgraded icons, enhanced file explorer, and latest and improved Bluetooth and audio assistance. However, many features are taken from the Windows 10X operating system, respectively.

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