Mobilink Awarded by WWF for Following Green Practices


The first debate about green marketing was started in 1970. The objective was to encounter the problems, such as air pollution, melting of glaciers, rise of sea level and carbon emissions. Now green marketing becomes the one of major trend in modern business. And demand of ecological/Eco-friendly products and sustainable business activities increased due to customers awareness concerning environmental issues.

In Pakistan their are not such firms those clearly focusing on green marketing strategies. By implementing it in true spirit can not only increase market share of the companies but also give them a competitive edge over competitors. And also help the country to solve the environmental challenges.

Majority of people believe that the green marketing only refers to the promotion or advertising of those products that have environmental characteristics such as, recyclable, refillable, ozone friendly, environmental friendly. But besides these all green marketing is a broader concept and also applied to consumer goods and industrial good and services.

Now come to the news, WWF awarded the Mobilink for their sustainable and green initiatives. Sustainable development means, meets the needs of present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This is the 3rd annual award won by the Mobilink for following green practices such as cut down on consumption of electricity, paper, water and residual solid waste.  Mobilink also received WWF’s  Green Office Certification, only telco in the country to do so, for its corporate premises in Lahore and Islamabad after ensuring a 73% drop in the consumption levels of natural resources.

wwf mobilink



Mobilink has also  incorporated a Building Management System – an intelligent centralized energy management solution to efficiently control & optimize the telco’s buildings’ consumption, and different Power System Optimization Projects. Mobilink also teaching their employees in different ways to follow the green practices.

The hold of regular employee engagement activities to create awareness about various environment issues, while Mobilink Torchbearers, volunteer employees, carry out environmental friendly activities like the recent tree plantation drive at the New Islamabad international Airport, where 2000 Silver Oak Trees were planted.

Now its right time for other companies to follow the same practices to cater the environmental challenges around the globe.

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