Jazz Call Packages 2020| Daily, Weekly and Monthly


Stay Connected with Your Love Ones With Jazz Call Packages!

Jazz is one of the best Pakistani Telecommunication Companies that are providing the best call packages to its consumers. Along with incredible deals on on-net and off-net minutes, the Jazz Call Packages are perfectly catered to offer the best under any circumstance.

Here are all the call packages that you can avail at the moment. Choose the one that suits your needs the best.

Jazz Prepaid Call Packages

Daily Jazz Call Packages

Jazz Super Plus Offer    

Price: Rs.28        

On-Net: 500 Minutes

Off-Net: 5 Minutes

Internet 500MB

Other: 500 SMS

Subscribe: Dial *558#

Jazz Super F&F Package

Price: Rs.10        

On-Net: 100000 Free Minutes

SMS: 100000      

Subscribe: *141*F&F_Number#

Super Daily Call Offer   

Price: Rs.17        

On-Net: 300 Free Minutes

Internet: 150MB

Subscribe: Dial *212#

Jazz Har Din Package     

Price: Rs.21.51

On-Net: 500 Free Minutes

Internet: 50MB

Subscribe: *114*

Jazz SIM Lagao Offer     

Minutes: 3000 Jazz/Warid (50 Minutes/day) Not valid between 6 PM – 10 PM

Internet: 1500MBs (Not valid between 9 PM to 1 AM) and

Other: 3000 SMS             

Subscribe: Dial *551#

3-day Jazz Call Packages

Jazz 3 Day Bundle           

Price: Rs.36        

On-Net: 500 Free Minutes          

Subscribe: Dial *211#

Weekly Jazz Call Packages

Jazz Weekly Hybrid Offer            

Price: Rs.115 Inc. Tax     

On-Net: 1000 Free Minutes

Off-Net: 20 Minutes

Internet: 500MB

Other: 1000 SMS

Subscribe: Dial *407#

Jazz Weekly All Network Offer 

Price: Rs. 155     

On-Net: 1000 Free Minutes

Off-Net: 50 Minutes

Internet: 1000MB

Other: 1000 SMS             

Subscribe: Dial *700#    

Super Duper Weekly Offer         

Price: Rs. 199     

On-Net: 1500 Free Minutes

Off-Net: 50 Minutes

Internet: 3000MB

Other: 1500        

Subscribe: Dial *770#

Jazz Weekly Super Plus

Price: Rs. 222     

On-Net: 5000 Free Minutes

Off-Net: 50 Minutes

Internet: 10GB

Other: 5000 SMS             

Subscribe: Dial *505#

Jazz Haftawar All Rounder Offer              

Price: Rs. 100

On-Net: 1000 Free Minutes

Off-Net:50 Minutes

Internet 250MB

Other: 1000 SMS             

Subscribe: Dial *747#

Monthly Jazz Call Packages   

Jazz Monthly Hybrid Bundle      

Price: Rs.444      

On-Net: 10,000 Free Minutes (333 Mintues / day, Sunday Unlimited)

Off-Net: 50 Minutes

Internet: 1GB    

Other: 1000 SMS

Subscribe: Dial *430#

Jazz Monthly All Rounder Package          

Price: Rs.596      

Minutes: 200 All-Network Minutes

Internet: 5GB    

Other: 1500 SMS

Subscribe: Dial *2000#

Monthly Super Duper   

Price: Rs. 577     

On-Net: 3000 Jazz+Warid Minutes

Off-net: 150 Minutes

Internet: 3GB

Other: 3000 SMS             

Subscribe: Dial: *706#

Jazz Postpaid Call Packages

J 1500   

Pice: Rs. 1500

On-Net: Unlimited Jazz + Warid Minutes

Off-Net:500 Other Network Minutes

Internet: 7000MB Internet (1GB Facebook + WhatsApp)

Other: 7000 SMS

J 999     

Price: Rs. 999    

On-Net: Unlimited Jazz + Warid Minutes

Off-Net: 500 Other Network Minutes

Internet: 2000MB

Other: 1000 SMS

J 600     

Price: Rs. 600

On-Net: 2000 Jazz + Warid Minutes

Off-Net: 300 Other Network Minutes

Internet: 1000MB

Other: 300 SMS

J 300     

PriceL Rs. 300    

On-Net: 1000 Jazz + Warid Minutes

Off-Net: 150 Other Network Minutes

Internet: 500MB Internet

Other: 150 SMS


These are all the Jazz Call Packages that are being offered at the moment by the Telecommunication company. Select the package that fulfills all your needs and make sure you enjoy the offer until it lasts. 

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