Best Gaming Consoles in Pakistan

Gaming consoles are quite popular throughout the world. Video games with life-like graphics and astounding gameplay are widely available, contributing to the high demand for gaming Consoles. Here’s a list of the best gaming consoles in Pakistan.

Xbox One S

Xbox One S in the most advanced variant of the Xbox series retailing out there. This gaming console is surely amongst the best gaming consoles in Pakistan due to its breathtaking graphics, User friendly UI and bunch of other features.
The Xbox One S comes with HDR (High Dynamic Range) Graphics, built-in 4K resolution with Ultra HD BlueRay, video streaming and Premium Dolby Atmos for premium sound effects.
This gaming console is just the perfect choice for any user as it supports all the video games available out there.

Price: Rs.32000 (Promotional), Original; Rs.42500

PlayStation 4 Pro

PlayStation 4 Pro is a close alternative to the Xbox One S and is the ideal choice for all the SONY fans. The PS4 Pro is Sony’s best console yet and offers a truly amazing gaming experience. This console offers spectacular graphics with deep colours, greater draw distance, Visual FX, Vivid Textures and rich visuals and a flawless gameplay with faster frame-rates. The PlayStation 4 Pro also offers streaming and auto-scaling for video content for up to 4K. Moreover, PS4 Pro also lets you connect the VR and enjoy a completely different experience.
The PlayStation 4 Pro runs every game at its fullest and is one of the best gaming consoles in Pakistan. While it is an expensive unit, it is the perfect choice for graphic-enthusiast.

Price: Rs.47000

Xbox 360 Ultra-Slim

Xbox 360 is an older variant of the Xbox series and was the most popular one as well. The Xbox 360 offers decent graphics, a nice gaming experience and quite a lot of other features as well. For all those looking to purchase a reasonably priced gaming console, the Xbox 360 Ultra-slim is a considerable choice. It can most of the games (excluding the most recent ones) and costs a lot lesser.

Price: Rs.26000

PlayStation 3

PlayStation 3 Ultra-Slim is the perfect choice for an average gamer. Even though the PS3 is a comparatively older model of the PlayStation series, it offers really good graphics and an impressive gaming and overall experience. It can run most of the top games out there and is a really good console. Perhaps that biggest plus point is that the PS3 offers all this in a reasonable price, making it available to a wider number of consumers.

Price: Rs. 25000

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is a portable, one of its kind console, manufactured by the veteran company Nintendo. This Gaming unit is quite handy and can be played upon on-the-go. Moreover, you can also dock the Nintendo Switch and connect it to your TV, to enjoy the big-screen experience. It offers amazing graphics and experience and comes with its own amazing collection of games. Subject to its unique functionality, it surely is amongst the best Gaming consoles in Pakistan.

Price: Rs.45000

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