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Nawal Saeed is a well-educated and good-looking actress and model who is known for her tremendous acting skills.

She is one of the young and talented girls of the showbiz industry. She joined showbiz due to her keen interest in music and arts. Nawal has been the part of many serials, commercials and brand promotions. This article is going to highlight the Nawal Saeed Biography, Nawal Saeed Age, Nawal Saeed Marriage, and others.

nawal saeed

Nawal Saeed Biography

Young, talented, and beautiful Nawal was fond of acting and modeling which lead her to become an outstanding actress. She has been a part of the National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA) where she got the training guitar and learned music for one year. Her innocent face and beautiful smile attract the viewers towards herself. Within no time, she got all the fame and struggled a lot to make her name among the top-list actresses. She did many roles in various drama serials but she got actual fame from ‘Yaqeen ka Safar’. Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly were the co-stars in the serial. She got incredible acing skills with a charming and energetic personality. However, she is still struggling to make her name in the lead role.

Nawal Saeed Age

The date of birth of glorious Nawal is the 29th of October 1993. She was born in Karachi, Sindh. She still lives there with her family. The birth date makes her fall under sun star Scorpio. Scorpions are said to be honest, ambitious, secretive, and resentful. She is going to turn 28 years of age this year.

Nawal Saeed Family

Nawal was born and raised in Karachi and she still lives there. Her family belongs to a middle-class. Her father supported her to become an actress. She has only one sibling named Aryan who is younger than her. Her mother is a housekeeper. One of the best things which can be seen in her is that she spends her time with her family even after shooting. This is the reason she can be seen very rarely at showbiz parties. However, she is not married yet and did not plan to marry in near future. She wants to fully focus on her career and reach the heights of success.

Nawal Saeed Education

She completed her graduation from a university in Karachi.

Nawal Saeed Height & Weight

Nawal Saeed is 5 feet 5 inches in height and weighs about 65 kgs.

Nawal Saeed Career

She started her career as an entertainer and model. She also made an appearance in TV ads before TV serials. In 2017, she appeared on a screen in the ‘Yaqeen ka Safar’ drama serial with co-stars Sajal Ali and Ahad Raza Mir. This turned out to be a tremendously beautiful serial. Viewers liked the serial and hence Nawal got all the hype. Later on, she started to appear in various dramas.

By keeping her introduction serial into mind, she was being offered various drama serials. The viewers got propelled to see her on small-screen with her arising abilities. Later on, she showed up in different drama serials including Anmol, Soteli Mamta, Fryaad, Suno Naa, and many others.

Nawal Saeed Dramas

Here is the list of dramas that propelled the audience to see her on their screens.

  • Soteli mamta
  • Suno Naa
  • Anmol
  • Bezuban
  • Aik Larki Aam Si
  • Yaqeen ka Safar
  • Kabhi Band Kabhi Baja
  • Maah-e-Tamam
  • Saza-e-Ishq

Nawal Saeed Social media handles


She is on Instagram with the user name inawalsaeed where 740K+ users follow her and enjoy her everyday activities. Users get to see her pictures with beautiful aesthetics.

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