Night Sky Lite App

Let’s explore the Solar System with Night Sky Lite Application

Ever wondered how the solar system and star constellation looks like or what are the directions of planets. Night Sky Lite is considered to be one of the best apps which contain some of the beautiful elements from our full Night Sky apps to bring a stargazing experience for the users.

How to Use

Just point your phone or tab to the sky in order to identify stars, planets, constellations and even satellites. With a spectacular New Sky View, World Traveler mode, and clear and concise new star-watching conditions graphs, a truly magical experience is available to all the users with this free app.

Night Sky Lite


  • Breathtaking New Sky View

It comes with a completely remodeled sky view with a bright new colorful atmosphere, animations, and more detailed stars and planets.

  • 3D Earth View

Night Sky Lite

A stunningly designed 3D view of Earth. Now you can explore the globe in the most gorgeous 3D graphics with the tip of your finger.

World Traveler

Now you can discover the sky from anywhere in the world with the World Traveler mode. If you ever wonder how the sky looks like in another country or how about spending a night under the Milky Way galaxy constellation from above Skardu? Then travel there instantly and view it from the palm of your hand.

  • Stargazing Conditions

Explore the stargazing conditions in your area for the upcoming week. Beautiful new Stargazing graphs mean with a glance you can see the perfect time to go stargazing. Combine Stargazing Conditions with World Traveler and check out the ideal time to go stargazing in a certain area you may be travelling to, for instance that camping trip at a National Park at the weekend.

  • Absorbing New Music and Effects

All new Night Sky Lite comes with an all-new fascinating sound track. It has been composed especially to enhance your stargazing experience. It’s a one-of-its-kind combination of sound and visual stargazing elements.

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