Nokia Phones Prices Increased in Pakistan Due to Change in Dollar Rate

Check the Updated Nokia Phones Prices in Pakistan

The change of dollar brings a lot of variations in the prices of mobile phones in Pakistan. Before that, Huawei has announced a reasonable amount of increase in the prices of the smartphone. The change of dollar brings another flood of increased prices in Pakistan. Nokia announced to increase the Nokia Phones Prices in Pakistan. Moreover, Nokia always delivers quality mobile phones with exceptional storage space and affordable prices.Nokia phones Prices

Nokia Phones Prices Increased:

The Nokia Phones Prices have been increased for the following models.

1. Nokia 150:

Nokia 150, the smartest mobile phone which is far better in term of storage space and price. The oldest price of Nokia 150 is 4,600 PKR while the newest price is 4,800 PKR. Its mean the increase in price is just rupees 200.Nokia phones Prices 150

2. Nokia 105:

Another amazing buttoned phone, Nokia 105 which have amazing specifications on lowest budget. There is a little bit of a change in its price. The oldest price is 2,750 PKR and the newest price of this is 2,860 PKR. It’s mean you just have to pay 110 rupees extra while buying on this increased price.Nokia phones Prices 105

3. Nokia 130:

If you are in search of a quality mobile phone which is budget friendly as well, then the Nokia 130 is the best choice for you. The price of this phone is also increased. The oldest price of Nokia 130 is 3,450 PKR while the newest price is 3,600 PKR.Nokia phones Prices 130

4. Nokia 216:

If you really want an exceptional camera result at this lowest price, then Nokia 216 is worth buying. But its price has been increased due to dollar rate change. The oldest price of this smartphone is 5,200 PKR and the newest price is 5,425 PKR.Nokia phones Prices 216

5. Nokia 230:

Nokia 230 is the only phone which is quite affordable and suitable for all age people. The oldest price of this phone is 7,650 PKR while the newest price is 7,990 PKR. This phone is enriched in features but lowest in price.Nokia phones Prices 230

6. Nokia 3310:

The most popular phone which is used by one-half of the people in past. Still its most reliable and quality phone. The price of this phone has also been increased. The oldest price is 7,050 PKR and newest price of this phone is 7,275 PKR.Nokia phones Prices 3310

7. Nokia 3310 3G:

The new version of Nokia 3310 is Nokia 3310 3G. Without any doubt, 3310 3G is the core need in this era, especially for youngsters. If you really want to get the facility of 3G in such affordable rates, then 3310 3G is a worthier phone. The oldest price of this phone is 7,150 PKR and the new price is 7,390 PKR.Nokia phones Prices 3310 3G

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