Now Whatsapp Pictures will not be saved in Phone Gallery


Whatsapp is a Facebook-owned application which is the most used application in the technology world. This considers being the easiest and fastest way to share pictures, videos, messages, video and audio calls plus GIFs without any charges. As no one is unaware that WhatsApp pictures are saved to the phone gallery by default especially on Android phones.

You might have different groups of family and peers who send you pictures and they got saved in your mobile gallery. Plus if your mobile gallery got the access to anyone means you don’t set up any privacy lock and you don’t want selected pictures to show anyone. You have the way out now if you don’t even like to save them in your gallery because it takes phone space, for that you have the simple hack to clear your mobile gallery from WhatsApp pictures.

This is not the feature which has been updated but the hack to secure your images in a specially created file.

Few steps how to hide Whatsapp images
  • For that, you need the file manager which mostly you have it and if not you can download it from play store.
  • After downloading, you need to browse through the file manager for your phone files. You will get the option of apps in it where find out WhatsApp then go to media and then WhatsApp images. Now you got the right destination.
  • You need to rename a folder WhatsApp images with the name “.nomedia”. The folder name should be the same with the dot otherwise this trick won’t work. Once you created the folder successfully exit the file manager.

This is it what you have to do, after that your images are hidden from your gallery and they won’t use any space of your mobile phone. Furthermore, if you want to undo this option you can just simply rename the folder you created right from the file manager. The WhatsApp stuff will be saved in the gallery right after renaming the folder. You can do this with Whatsapp videos or WhatsApp voice notes folders as well. It up to you which thing you wants to hide.

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