Online Landa Bazaar Launched first ever in Pakistan

One of the most famous bazaar among the markets is Landa Bazaar or weekly bazaar. Now first time ever in Pakistan a Landa Bazaar is launched online.The Landa bazaars are established to accomplish the availability of cheap and even used branded products. It is more preferred as compared to local markets or other very expensive malls. A huge cream of our society turns to these bazaar or markets in Pakistan. Landa Bazaar are mostly found at densely populated areas all over the country. These bazaars are priority due to cheap shopping that literally saves money but still a lot of people think before visit. The reason behind it is crowd or rush. Also people have to wander around and get tired for finding their choice.

Now in this era when technology is immensely involved in every field now first time ever Landa Bazaar is brought online. It will be ease for all through the smart is launched by Mr. Muhammad Usman Saleem with his partner Fareedun, which is successful Landa Bazaar aimed to fulfill demands of people with more comfortable way of shopping.

Online Landa Bazar Concept

This website works like other product selling sites as the staff of is commanded to upload photos of products available with them. Items are found under the name of categories. However they have in beginning only branded shirts and shoes for sale. Moreover the products are washed and cleaned perfectly before putting up for sale.

staff of

Currently, shirts and shoes for everyone is available, shoes ranging as low as 500 and shirts for 350.They have stock for kids, men and women.

Aim to Begin Online Landa Bazaar

Both of the founders of are not professional businessman. Rather both being Chartered Accountants by profession effort a lot by doing jobs but later on after they got exhausted so planned to start their own business. This idea came into their mind because a close by street has a big Sunday Bazaar. They just combined this idea with emerging e commerce. This amalgamation of these two fields rolls out as Online Landa Bazaar.

Success of Idea

In the starting however orders were not more than 6 or 7 but later it exceeds 50 within few months which give them appreciative initiative. By the Grace of Allah it is now 18 months almost with successful and profitable business.


Such ideas are profitable but on other side these ideas are providing a new path for upcoming generations. People can come up with such more plans which will certainly not only benefit them also society will find ease in their tough routine.


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