Today, Oppo releases its new and genuinely excellent Oppo A54 in the Pakistani market. The phone looks beautiful and contains a bunch of valuable features and specifications their phone. The phones intend to give premium and high-end performance, which will achieve its purpose. Oppo introduces the features that meet the needs of every user perfectly.

What’s about the charging and battery of Oppo A54:

A54 offers you a powerful and long-lasting battery along with 5000Mah of capacity. What’s more, you want! The battery duration is about 2.2 days with a single charge. Along with this extra-ordinary battery capacity, Oppo A54 provides you with a fast charger of 18 W, requiring only 2 hours to charge the phone entirely.

Design & Display of Oppo A54

Oppo is paying much attention to the design and display of its phones. Talking about A54, it is out with the simply sleek design. The appearance of the phone is so tempting and eye-catching. Oppo introduces the 3D panel in the display screen. Along with its exceptionally delicate design, this phone provides you with face recognition and a side-mounted fingerprint scanner, respectively.

Camera features

The good news of all the photographers! 3 cameras are implanted in the phone along with the premium matrix layout. The primary camera is 13 MP for the live focus to portrait mode; the micro camera is about 2MP, and the third camera of MP for focus. Moreover, the phone also contains a beauty mode in the camera. It enhances the beauty of the subject.

 Oppo A54 Price & Availability in Pakistan

In the Pakistan market, this beautiful phone is available at the price of 13,999. This phone is live on the market on the 15th of April, 2021. Anyhow, The phone comes in 2 delicate colors, i.e., starry Blue and Crystal black.

To Wrap Up

One of the significant additions to this beautiful piece of the headset is its waterproof phone. After passes, the strict phone tests such as slight drop, radiation tests, whether and signals availability at slum areas, this phone proves that it is one of the most reliable series along with the premium quality.

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