Celebrate New Year with Increased Prices of Pak Suzuki Cars|Upto Rs.322000/-

Pak Suzuki Increment on All Car Models Up to Rs.40000/- & Rs.322000/-!!!

Vehicles are the primary need of everyone to travel form one place to another. Many popular brands are introducing new cars and vehicles for the public. Pak Suzuki is one of them, it is also manufactured the best vehicles for traveling. Today is the first day of new year and everyone is busy to celebrate the happiness of this year in his own way. On this special day Pak Suzuki is also celebrating this day in a new and unique way. The new style of Pak Suzuki is the increment of Rs.322000/- on all car models by Suzuki. Suzuki Raises Prices for All Car Models by Up to Rs.322000/-. This increment is applied from today on all car models by the Suzuki. Suzuki car manufacturer announced the increment on local and Completely Built Units (CBUs) cars by up to Rs.40000/- and Rs.322000/-. All car models by Pak Suzuki can be purchased with new increment and the increment is applied from today. The complete details of all car models with new increased prices are given below. Must read all these details and make a safe journey with Pak Suzuki Motors.

Pak Suzuki

Pak Suzuki Raises Car Prices

Today everyone is busy to celebrate the eve of New Year with different styles. Pak Suzuki also decided to celebrate this day in its own way. The new way of Pak Suzuki is in the form of increased prices of cars up to Rs.40000/- and Rs.322000/-. This increment is on both locally manufactured cars and Completely Built Units (CBUs) by up to Rs.40000 and Rs.322000 respectively.

It should be noted that the Suzuki increased the prices of most of these models five times in 2018. Now at the beginning of this year company also increased its prices on first day of New Year. You can check here from the link given below.

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Pak Suzuki

New Pak Suzuki Car Prices

Pak Suzuki circulate the new prices to all dealer across the country. Now the old prices of all car models and new prices are given below.

Car Model

Old Price in PKR

New Price in PKR

Mehran VX

Mehran VXR


Wagon R VXR

1,184,000 1,224,000
Wagon R VXL 1,274,000


Cultus VXR

1,380,000 1,410,000
Cultus VXL 1,501,000


Cultus AGS

1,608,000 1,638,000
Swift DLX NV 1,515,000


Swift AT NV

1,651,000 1,691,000


Cargo Van




2,718,000 3,040,000
Ciaz MT 1,960,000


Ciaz AT

 2,100,000 2,200,000
Vitara GLX AT 3,890,000




All these new prices are applied from today on the above mentioned models.

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