4 Pakistani’s who made it to Forbes 30 Under 30 2018


Pakistani citizens are now making history in the international market. As 4 Pakistani has cut Forbes list of “30 under 30” among 600 young passionates.

Forbes is an American magazine which publishes articles bi-weekly based on finance, industries, investing and marketing as well as technology, communication, science, and politics. They managed to get their positions in challenging environment in their specified industries segmented by a global media company.
Discussed below are 4 Pakistani who got the platform to explore and modernize the world.

S Zayd Enam:

A 25 years old Zayd is working as a CEO in Cresta, an organization which was inaugurated to enhance and understand the use of artificial intelligence and implements it to modernize customer services field. Not just Cresta he is the originator of Mediconnect health care service too.
He started Ph.D. from Stanford but back out to launch Cresta, similarly, he dropped out from the school in Pakistan and discovered MediConnect.

Sarah Ahmed:

A passionate girl who struggled and invented warp+weft. Since its launch till yet, her enterprise generated $2.5 million revenue. She started with her family’s mills to establish her own empire.
She has selected for the category of “retail and E-commerce industry”. Before the launch of her company, she was working as the director of DL 1961.

Raza Munir:

A co-creator of Climb Credit has selected for the Forbes 30 under 30 under the category of educations. The objective of his company is to deliver loans to students in affordable ranges, according to their skills. Till now they have given loans to almost 5000 students. they started with an agreement with investors to attain $130 million in student loan.

Khizar Hayat:

Khizar Hayat gained the position in Forbes 30 under 30 under the same category as Zayd is having “enterprise technology”. He is the CEO and co-founder of throughput inc. this company works for the purpose of impeding the growth of logistics and supply chain management.

Not just ThroughPut, he is the president of an NGO teach Pakistan, which is working to eradicate in rural areas of Pakistan.

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