This Pakistani girl “Marvi Soomro” left her six-figure job for…………!


Marvi Soomro is 26 years old girl who graduated in 2012 and became a software engineer. Moreover, she joined the IT sector as an Oracle Financials Consultant. But, after 3-4 years of working she quit her job.

Marvi Soomro

This Pakistani girl “Marvi Soomro” left her six-figure job in Islamabad to teach children in Hunza village

She said

“I have been working in corporate sector since 4 years. I got promoted with time to time and earned well. But, a voice coming from inside me was continuously saying that it’s not enough. What am I doing….? Working for a high-class company to make it higher class. No, I should be somewhere where I’m needed.”

That was the turning point of her life, where she decided to do something that was her passion. She quit her 6-figured job and became a social activist. Her story is inspirational not only because it’s unique but also because Soomro is not an educationist, a development sector professional or a policy student.

The idea of quitting your job to dedicate yourself to a cause is often romanticized and easier said than done.

But, she did it. She moved to Misgar, a beautiful small town without any connection to life outside it, in Gilgit-Baltistan near the Afghanistan-Pakistan-China border.

Marvi Soomro

Marvi Soomro’s Aim

Moreover, she devised a programme called ‘Innovate. Educate. Inspire Pakistan’ (IEI Pakistan), built a curriculum and plan around the ideology of innovation, education, and inspiration and recruited volunteers.

Her program had two divisions – the art programme and the academic teacher programme and she recruited volunteers for them.

Soomro’s Personal Experience

Marvi Soomro

Looking for accommodation, she contacted Sehat Rahim – a member of the Misgar wildlife conservation society who ensured he would take care of the logistics when she reaches with her team. Upon her arrival with around eight volunteers, he showed them a small two-bedroom house with a gorgeous lawn with apricot and apple trees.

“I rented that hut for Rs 2,500 a month, an amount that doesn’t get you a three-piece suit in Islamabad. That is how simple and basic everything is in Misgar. We set up a kitchen tent on the lawn since the weather was still good and got all our stuff from Hunza.”

For the children of Misgar, Soomro has opened a world of opportunities. She has taught them more than any book or curriculum ever could; she has shown them how to imagine and think, Moreover, she has informed them about the world beyond Misgar. And by doing so, she has broadened their perspectives. Soomro may leave Misgar one day but her gift will live through the children she has touched.

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