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pakistanistoresE-commerce in Pakistan is on the rise with new online stores and innovative features being launched every single day. It was hard to imagine shopping from the convenience of your sofa a decade ago, but it is a reality today. From gadgets to groceries, we can find everything that we need in the online marketplace. However, with the industry now booming, we have become spoilt for choice! Finding quality products and better yet, finding quality products at the lowest prices has now become a taxing task for online shoppers. The startup, Pakistanistores, is here to help with that.

What is Pakistanistores(dot)com?

Pakistanistores(dot)com is a product search engine that gathers information about products from all the leading online shopping websites in Pakistan and displays it all in one place. The search engine is the first of its kind in Pakistan and has gained much popularity in just a short time.

When you search for a product on Pakistanistores(dot)com, it automatically fetches the relevant results from its database showing information about which websites the product is available on and at what price. The startup launched its operations in early 2018 and it has built a database of over 1.2 million products in just a matter of months.

The team behind the search engine explains that they make use of an intelligent machine learning based algorithm for automatically finding, indexing, and categorizing products in their database. This automated algorithm ensures that there is no biasness for any particular website and that the results are consistent, complete, and reliable.

An Insight into Pakistanistores(dot)com:

Here are a few statistics and facts about this emerging product search engine:

  • The website has over 250,000 hits per month with a current estimated growth of almost 20% per month.
  • The service, including all its features, is completely free of cost for customers and it always will be, as well.
  • Owing to its high ranking and popularity, the product search engine contributes millions of rupees of sales for online shopping websites through backlinks and product listings.
  • An Android app for the product search engine was just recently launched and is available on Google Play Store. An iOS is currently being worked on and will be launched soon, the team has said.
  • Price-comparison and product subscriptions are features that will soon be launched on the platform. These will enable customers to receive updates about changes in the price or available status of products for added convenience.
  • com is not an online store itself – but instead, it is just a search engine where you can search for products that are being sold by different online shopping websites. For purchasing these products, claiming warranties, or additional information, you should contact the website that is selling that specific product.

A Simplified and Convenient Shopping Experience:

How is this product search engine useful? Why should you use it? Well, this is because it is convenient, easy, and free! If you know the feeling of having to browse through numerous websites just to find out if a specific product is available or to find the best price for a product, then this search engine is perfect for you. You can find all the information you need, about availability, discounts, and prices about products across different online shopping websites with a single search on Pakistanistores(dot)com. So, whether you are looking to buy a new air conditioner at the best bargain, or if you want to find the perfect cover for your smartphone, this product search engine can help you out.


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