Patchi in Pakistan!


What is Patchi?

Patchi is a multinational brand which specializes in designer chocolates. It was founded by Nizar Choucair in 1974 in his home in Lebanon. Since then he opened his boutiques in other countries too. His business has now expanded across the globe. There are more than 175 Patchi boutiques in 21 different countries all over the world.

What does Patchi offer?

It offers over 50 varieties of chocolate. It uses all-natural and premium ingredients. They also makes customized chocolates according to local preferences. However, it’s most famous for its recipes mixing hazelnuts, almonds, orange peel, lemon and much more. It also offers exotic flavors, like cotton candy and cheesecake, fused with chocolate. They have also introduced their new no-added-sugar line. In the US, a box of 18 pieces of chocolates costs $35 while a chocolate bar costs $7.

Patchi collaborated with Harrod’s to produce world’s most expensive box of chocolates. It was priced at $10,000 per box. The box included Indian Silk, leather interior, and gold and platinum linings.

Now in Lahore, Pakistan!

Patchi has recently opened one of its boutiques in Lahore, Pakistan. It is located in the Phase 3 DHA, Lahore. The boutique is consistent with the elegance, distinction and signature style. From interior décor to display of items, everything is unique and exclusive.

In Pakistan, they are offering all of its wide variety of exotic chocolates. It will soon innovate to fuse local taste with its signature chocolate. Patchi comes up with special gift arrangements for different seasons, including the month of Ramadan and Eid-ul-Adha.

The new branch is receiving good response until now. It is a luxury item targeting mainly the elite class with its pricey chocolates. They have just the right designer chocolates for almost every occasion and celebration.

Make sure you drop-in and check it out!

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