Best Phone Tracker App without Permission – Best 5

Are you worried about your dear one’s location? Do you really want to know where do they go and where do they spend their time? Are you a worrying parent? Are you worrying spouse? Worrying is not a big deal it is common thinking among humans. Phone Tracker App

Best Phone Tracker App without Permission – Best 5

Technology has blessed us with billions of things in our lives, where phone tracking is one of them. There are various phone tracking apps out there, but we will create a list of some of the best Phone tracking apps which don’t need someone’s permission.

GPS Phone Tracker

Phone Tracker App

One of the best tracking app based on GPS is GPS Phone Tracker app. The app can be installed on android phones. The app is installed mutually so it is clear that there is no covertness about it.

Moreover, the app needs to be installed on both of the android phones, the one that is to be tracked and the master one who wants to track. Basically, as the name clarifies everything, the app uses GPS to give locations of your dear ones.

GPS Tracker Hidden

Phone Tracker App

It is one of the best covert app ever. First of all, the app has to installed on the subject’s phone. GPS Tracker Hidden masquerades itself as a battery, CPU and memory monitoring app, whilst all the time in the background it covertly tracks the person you are concerned with. The app offers a lot of free features such as

  • Real-time tracking with the ability to view exact locations
  • Geo-Fencing, This feature sends out alerts about someone’s entrance or if a person leaves a designated area i.e. home, school or work


Phone Tracker App

In the best tracking app list mSpy is also one of the most prominent apps which can monitor many things including

  • Calling,
  • Messaging,
  • Using apps,
  • Phonebook,
  • GPS location

The Spy Bubble

Phone Tracker App

The Spy Bubble is also one the most prevalent app used by smartphone users. The app allows you complete access to the person’s location without needing any permissions. Moreover, you can also find some valuable information from person’s official site.

The phone Sheriff

Phone Tracker App

It is a superb phone tracker app with a noteworthy feature. Most of all you can set the time on the person’s phone. As soon as the time limit ends, the phone will be shut down or locked by the app. So by using this app you can control the mobile using for your teen.


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